Safer, Faster, & More Effective Way of Cleaning Carpets

In this fast-paced world that we live in, speed and instant results are essential to complement our digital lifestyle. Elite Carpet Cleaning offers a dry cleaning method for carpets that dries your carpet in 1 hour compared to the traditional steam cleaning method which takes 5-6 hours for carpets to dry.

The technicians at Elite Carpet Cleaning use the Bonnet Cleaning Method which utilizes minimal moisture which makes it ideal for customers who want their carpets dried in the shortest amount of time. The method employs spin action to absorb carpet soil with a cotton bonnet pad.

Carpets are prepared by vacuuming and spraying a special preconditioner and once ready, a round absorbent bonnet is attached to a low speed (187RPM) rotary buffing machine for agitation. Cleaning solutions are sprayed directly on heavily soiled areas for better results.

Soil and grime cling to the pad until it loads up then replaced. Our technicians use carbonated water to give the best soil suspension and lower the pH level.

Carpets stay clean longer using the bonnet cleaning method.

Having your carpets cleaned safely, faster, and effectively is priceless.

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About Elite Carpet Cleaning:   Elite Carpet cleaning has been providing expert services in carpet cleaning, upholstery, mats, rugs, mattress, carpet restoration, and fabric protection since 1984. Our technicians are highly trained and available Australia Wide.

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