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When you need a fast, stress-free and affordable carpet stain removal service in Colmslie, Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning are right around the corner.


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Carpet stains cleaner expert Colmslie

Carpet Stains

There are all kinds of things that can stain your carpet, like chewing gum, wine, mustard or vomit. Some stains are much harder than others to remove and it’s recommended that you get professional assistance to remove them. If you try and use DIY methods that you find on the internet, you may make the stain worse than it originally was.

Local Colmslie carpet Cleaner

Pet Urine Stains

Urine or vomit stains from cats and dogs are an unfortunate reality of living with pets in your Colmslie home. However, dirty spots on your upholstery or carpet can become a thing of the past when you work with Elite. As a matter of fact, our process is completely non-toxic for the dogs or cats in your home.

Colmslie professional carpet dry cleaning

Bad Odours

From spilled beer and wine to dried vomit, the causes of foul carpet odours are endless. We can come to your home in Colmslie today in order to remove these bad smells and restore your floors to their former selves. Elite are your local fabric deodorisation professionals.

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Elite Benefits

Stain Removal Carpet Dry Cleaning by Elite

Remove stubborn stains

Same Day Service Carpet Dry Cleaning

Same day service

Carpet cleaner Brisbane

Satisfaction guarantee

Quick Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry in an hour

Carpet cleaner Brisbane

Eco-friendly products

Carpet cleaner Brisbane

Friendly local service

Carpet cleaner Brisbane

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Now With Supa Sanitizer

Germ Killing Carpet Treatment and Dry Cleaning

Kills germs and bacteria

Carpet cleaner Brisbane

No chemical residue

Carpet cleaner Brisbane


Carpet cleaner Brisbane


Our proprietary Super Sanitizer carpet dry cleaning product is completely safe for pets and children and it has a pleasant scent. This is due to the added eucalyptus oil, which also serves as a repellent for pests like flies and mosquitos. Kill the microbes and bacteria in your Colmslie carpet today.

Carpet Dry Cleaning Vs Carpet Steam Cleaning

Benefits of Carpet Dry Cleaning

Carpet cleaner Brisbane

Environmentally friendly

No Chemical Carpet Dry Cleaning

No chemical residue

Carpet cleaner Brisbane

No musty smell

Carpet cleaner Brisbane

Dry in 60 minutes

Carpet dry cleaning is better suited to most situations in Colmslie homes and businesses. When you need a stain removed urgently, the deep cleaning and short wait times of dry cleaning are what you need. Another advantage carpet dry cleaning has over steam cleaning is that it does not leave any toxic residues behind.

Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning Process

Local deep pre vacuum cleaner in Colmslie

1Deep Pre-Vacuum

We’ll vacuum your carpet before we start working in order to remove any grit and dirt from the pile.

Stain treatment by Elite carpet dry clean Colmslie

2Stain Treatment

We’ll focus our efforts on the stained sections of your carpet in order to prepare to restore it to its original condition.

Colmslie carpet cleaning

3Elite Carpet Dry Clean

Our carpet cleaning method will eliminate deep stains from your carpet without causing any damage or harm to delicate fibres.

Carpet cleaning steps by Elite dry carpet cleaning

4Post Treatment Groom

Once we finish our dry cleaning, we’ll groom your carpet so it’s able to dry as quickly as possible and looks great.


Dear Stacey & Steve. Just want to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful job you both did on my Carpet and Sofa today. I was so impressed by your professionalism and the dedication to your work. Keep up the good work, I’ would certainly recommend you to any of my family and friends. Good Luck for the future.
Carpet cleaner Brisbane
Brisbane Southside
look fantastic
When I was first told that I could have my carpets dry cleaned, I didn’t believe it. But after being recommended to use Elite I have never gone back. Every year I get Elite do my carpets, and they always look fantastic.
Carpet cleaner Brisbane
great job
As a person who has rented many homes, I’ve come to rely on Elite for the great job they do at the end of a lease. They’ve removed some mighty stains left behind by my kids, and in the process have saved me hundreds of dollars in bond fees. I recommend them to anyone who needs their carpets cleaned.
Carpet cleaner Brisbane

Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning Before & After

Before After

Frequently Asked Questions

The price of our services varies from home to home because of the difference in size and degree of a job’s difficulty. For an estimate, please call us on 131 580.

No. Your local Elite technician will move where it is safe to do so. However it is recommended that any fragile or breakable items should be safely stored during cleaning.

As with any service there is minimal risk, but our technicians are highly trained in risk reduction and the dry cleaning method we use is a much safer option than standard wet carpet cleaning methods.

Yes. Most stains are removed by our normal cleaning process. Some stains will require Elite’s specialised stain removal service. Just ask our technician.

Yes. Unlike many other carpet cleaners, Elite makes it own products so we know exactly what is in them. We specially formulate them to minimise any risk of environmental damage or human or animal reactions.

Yes. All our technicians carry a full range of our products so please ask them. The most popular lines are:

  • Supa Spotta – great for spot cleaning carpet and upholstery, and
  • Pet Elim – very handy when your pet has an accident on your carpet.

Yes. All of our technicians are fully trained provide a full range of protection services like:

  • Elite Carpet Protector – use this on your carpet to keep it protected between cleans, and
  • Elite Fabric Protector – use on your upholstery to keep it protected.

If you would feel more comfortable staying in your home while our technician is there – that is fine. There is no reason for you to leave.

Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning - Other Services

Elite carpet cleaning dry cleaning other services

Upholstery Dry Cleaning

When liquids like wine and beer get spilt on your favourite lounge chair or sofa, Elite have the experience and products required to remove stains fast. We’ll get to work in no time and restore your furniture items to their former glory.

Fabric protection avoid future stains

Fabric Protection

Why fork out money every time you get a stain on your carpet or upholstery when you could prevent the problem altogether? Elite can apply fabric protection products to help you avoid future stains.

Colmslie carpet water damage restoration

Water Damage Restoration

If your carpet has been damaged by water, you’ll need to take action fast to prevent ugly stains or growth of mould. Elite are the best flood restoration company near Colmslie and our prices are affordable.

Expert rug dry cleaning in Colmslie

Rug Dry Cleaning

If someone has accidentally gotten chewing gum or split something on your favourite rug, even Persians or Orientals, don’t freak out. Elite offer our professional rug stain removal all across Colmslie.

Local colmslie mattress dry cleaning

Mattress Dry Cleaning

Don’t keep sleeping on a dirty mattress covered in stains and dead skin cells. Rather than neglecting your mattress and your health, work with the best bed cleaning company in Colmslie.

End of lease carpet cleaning in Colmslie

End of Lease Carpet Dry Cleaning

When you’re at the end of your lease and your carpet has a filthy stain, contact the dry cleaning experts in Colmslie. Our methods are highly effective and we can help you get your full bond money back.

Commercial carpet dry cleaning in Colmslie

Commercial Carpet Dry Cleaning

There’s no need to tolerate that ugly stain on your office floor any longer. If you want to clean up your commercial property and impress your customers or clients, Elite are your new best friends. Local Colmslie business owners favour us due to our affordable prices, effective methods and friendly carpet dry cleaning technicians.


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