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How To Keep Your Carpet Looking New

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Maintaining clean and tidy carpets is important to upholding the overall appearance of your home. Well cared-for carpets smell great and look amazing, making your home a more pleasant environment for family members and visitors alike. However, stained carpets are all too common, and it’s important that you are well-informed about how to remove them. In this article, the country’s best carpet cleaners will discuss some ways of keeping your carpet in good shape.


Avoid Wearing Shoes Inside

When you wear shoes inside and walk all over your carpets, you can end up leaving behind a lot of dirt and stains. In order to avoid this, simply inform your family and guests to leave their shoes at the front door when they come inside.


Place Rugs in Your Home

If you’re having issues with wine, chewing gum or pet urine stains on the carpet in your home, consider getting some rugs. It’ll stop your carpets from getting dirty whist also spicing up the aesthetics of the room they are placed in. Of course, you may occasionally need rug cleaning, but this is an alternative to cleaning all your carpet.


Remember To Vacuum Often

When it comes to carpet care, frequent vacuuming is an old and reliable trick. If you do this at least three times a week, you’re sure to notice a difference in the appearance of your carpets. Vacuuming your home regularly will stop dirt, crumbs and other mess from getting caught deep inside the pile of your carpet. You should also remember to replace the bags and filters in your vacuum cleaner on a regular basis. Doing so will keep your carpets cleaner and maintain the suction level in your vacuum.


Make Sure You Use a Professional Carpet Dry Cleaner at least Twice a Year

Avoiding wearing shoes inside, regularly vacuuming and placing rugs down are all great ways to keep the carpets in your home clean. However, the best option is always to contact your local carpet dry cleaning experts. The professionals at Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning have decades of experience and our technicians are friendly and skilled. We offer same day service and our advanced techniques leaves carpets dry within an hour, so you’ll be able to get your home back into action quickly and easily. Don’t let carpet stains ruin the appearance of your home when you could simply call the carpet cleaning experts at Elite. We can remove wine, pet urine, beer and makeup stains from your carpet using our state of the art carpet cleaning process.

If you need more information on carpet care, cleaning or if you need a local carpet stain removal service, get contact with Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning. We’re the experts when it comes to upholstery and carpet dry cleaning, so call our friendly staff today on 131 580.

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