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carpet dry cleaning is not just for carpets
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16 August 2019

Carpet Cleaning: Not just for carpets

Did you know that your carpet cleaning specialist can do more than keep your floors clean?

The same techniques we use to keep your carpets in pristine condition can be used in other areas of your home. And often these are locations you haven’t even really thought about. Since dust mites, bacteria, and dander can be found nearly everywhere, it is important to minimise your family’s exposure where you can.

So we thought you might be interested to know that carpet dry cleaning is not just for carpets. Our regular Elite customers are familiar with what to expect when they use our services. With surfaces drying within the hour and 35 years of experience cleaning and beautifying people’s homes, we aim to please.

Carpet Cleaning techniques can be helpful across the following areas:


Do you have couches, chairs, settees, and footstools? If they are made of any fabric, then odds are there are numerous types of bacteria thriving in this upholstery at any given time. This is not pleasant to think about!

If you allow pets on your furniture or eat on your couch, then you will need to have your upholstery cleaned at some point. So consider getting your upholstery deep cleaned when you have your carpets serviced. You then remove the stains and restore the pieces to a like-new lustre. You can increase the lifespan of your furniture by adding this maintenance task to your responsibilities.

Mats and Rugs

You shake your mats and rugs outside and vacuum them perhaps weekly or fortnightly, but these measures aren’t enough to keep the fibres durable. Make sure you keep these precious decorations and floor protectors appealing. Think about adding these items into your carpet cleaning schedule. You will be surprised at how economical it can be when you are having the carpets cleaned too!

Your carpet cleaning specialist will clean your mats and rugs, so they look new. And if you like, they can also show you how to vacuum correctly and otherwise care for them so they last longer. A little extra care goes a long way to keep these carpeting accessories lush and beautiful.

Mattresses and Pillows 

Here’s a big one: did you know you have dust mites in your mattress and pillow? No matter how often you wash your bedding, these tiny little creatures are waiting in your sleeping quarters. The dust mite dander left behind is generally harmless. But if you are allergic, having a professional clean can make where you sleep at night safer and more comfortable.

Since a dry cleaning method allows surfaces to dry thoroughly within the hour, you can get your mattress free of dust mites and their lingering debris within a short time frame. Don’t forget your pillows. These can be hard to launder without misshaping them. You can also have your curtains and other drapery treated when you have your carpets cleaned.

carpet dry cleaning is not just for carpets - mattresses can be cleaned too

If you can’t remember the last time you had your couches, mattress or carpet professionally cleaned, contact us today.