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Carpet Cleaning

A Certified Elite Technician is Trained to deliver the best Carpet Cleaning Results with the use of our unique cleaning solutions and carpet dry cleaning methods

There are a number of ways to clean carpets. Here at Elite, we exclusively use the Carpet Dry Cleaning method. We do this for a number of reasons…

  • Your Carpet will not stretch, split or shrink when dry cleaned
  • The backing and underlay never get wet so less stress to your carpet
  • You will experience better results
  • You will be able to walk on your carpet as early as an hour after cleaning
  • Dry Cleaning reduces the risk of damage that overwetting may cause

Carpet Dry Cleaning is simple, thorough and effective!

The carpet dry cleaning process uses special technology to perform a thorough and efficient clean on your carpets:

  • Move furniture: When your certified Carpet Cleaning Technician comes in, they will let you know what furntiure needs moving and help you.
  • Industrial vacuum: They will vacuum your carpet using a professional vacuum cleaner which picks up a lot more dust and grit than your normal household vacuum cleaner.
  • Cleaning process: They will then treat your carpet with our unique cleaning solution and deodoriser before thoroughly cleaning your carpet.
  • Return the pile: Once the cleaning is complete, your Elite Carpet Cleaning Technician will use a specially designed professional rake to help bring back your carpet pile.

Once your carpet is clean, you can walk on it as little as an hour later – there is no reason to leave the house or leave all of your windows open to avoid that strong wet carpet smell.

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