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carpet dry cleaning is not just for carpets
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16 August 2019

Carpet Cleaning: Not just for carpets

Did you know that your carpet cleaning specialist can do more than keep your floors clean? The same techniques we use to keep your carpets in pristine condition can be used in other areas of your home. And often these are locations you haven’t even really thought about. Since dust mites, bacteria, and dander can […]

commercial carpet dry cleaning
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28 May 2018

Professional carpet cleaning for your business

Regular professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning is a must for any commercial business operation. Protect your reputation, carpets, upholstery and warranties by booking in regular Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning services.

end of lease clean
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27 April 2018

Should you have your carpets professionally cleaned at the end of your lease?

Ah, the dreaded end of lease clean. Did we get the fan blades cleaned properly? The tops of the light switches? How did we ever get pancake batter on the range hood?! What are we going to do about the carpets?

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23 March 2018

Professional couch and mattress cleaning can help with allergies

Allergy sufferers rejoice – did you know Elite Carpet Cleaning also clean mattresses and couches? Though it may not be something you’ve considered in the past, having your mattress properly cleaned may be something to consider for those who struggle with allergies, especially if dust and/or dust mites are a known trigger for you.

freshly cleaned carpet
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15 June 2015

Bathurst Elite office takes out Franchisee of the Year Award – for the second time

Stephen and Pamela Dury – owners of the Elite franchise in Bathurst – were recently recognised by Elite as 2015 Franchisee of the Year – the second time they have received the top award since becoming franchisees in 2004. The first time they won was back in 2007, just three years after taking over the […]

Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning
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4 March 2015

A day in the life of a carpet cleaner

To put this short article together, we spoke to a few of the Elite franchisees to ask them what their ‘regular’ day was like. And the interesting thing was – not only were they all pretty different from each other, days were pretty different too. So what follows is a combination of the things you […]