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upholstery cleaning tool
Case Studies
22 February 2017

Boat upholstery cleaning

Despite its name, Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning does much more than professional carpet cleaning. Our franchisees are experts in upholstery too – lounges, sofas; even boat upholstery. Elite Airlie Beach services all types of boats from family runabouts to chartered sailboats and luxury yachts cruising Queensland’s Whitsunday region. Marine craft can carry a surprising amount […]

Case Studies
13 January 2017

Have you thought of this hack to update your lounge?

It’s hard not to notice advertising hype at this time of year. Say ‘goodbye’ to looking so yesterday and ‘hello’ to a fresh new look in 2017. It goes for clothes, hair styles, cars, furnishings… But stop for a minute. Is your sofa truly dated and in need of replacing? Or could it be that […]

children pets and parents on clean dry carpet
Case Studies
19 September 2016

Elite Carpet Cleaning rescues rug disaster

Adelaide’s Cheryl de Lorenzo was at her wit’s end when she called Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning for help recently. She’d had a large rug cleaned (by another company) in readiness for a family reunion, with the visitors ‘camping out’ in the lounge room to talk into the night. What wasn’t expected was sodden smelly wet […]

freshly cleaned carpet
Case Studies
5 September 2016

How carpet supports ageing Australians

Accidental trips and falls can have serious outcomes for older Australians and they happen with frightening regularity: in any given year, about 1 in 3 people over 65 have a substantial fall. Elite Carpet Cleaning was shocked to learn that falls are the leading cause of injury-related hospital admissions for people over 65 in Australia. […]

school holidays and stains - avoid stains these school holidays
Case Studies
19 August 2016

What’s the significance of classroom carpet?

We all want what’s best for our children and at Elite Carpet Cleaning we know ‘best’ can mean many things to different people: it’s a big topic of debate. There’s much to be said about the dedication of teachers, the quality of management of schools and the culture of learning. And then there’s the learning […]

restaurant carpet hygiene
Case Studies
26 July 2016

How hygienic is your restaurant’s carpet?

You’re out dining with a fractious toddler who wants space to move. Where is safer: the carpeted floor near your table or the restaurant’s bathroom? Truth is, because we’re more aware of bathroom germs and bacteria, they are more often (and more thoroughly) cleaned and sanitised than carpets in many restaurants. Restaurant carpet has to […]

family and pets enjoying clean upholstery and clean carpets
Case Studies
21 October 2015

Rescued dog and blood stained car

Stopping to give aid to an injured dog, left for dead on a roadside recently, left good Samaritan Krystal’s new car in a bloody mess. Her immediate concern was for the dog, driving about 60 minutes to an all-hours emergency vet in the early hours of a morning. Driving home, the tired night worker had […]

cleaning leather furniture
Case Studies
11 November 2013

Cleaning an old Leather Couch

Bad case of leather fatigue no challenge for Elite’s Steve Buttigeig. Steve Buttigieg (his surname is of Maltese origin in case you’re wondering) has been working at Elite for a long time – 15 years in fact – so he knows a thing or two about cleaning. Since 2002 he has been the franchisee for […]