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4 June 2014

The worst carpet cleaning jobs – when you really need an expert

There are very few people out there who actually enjoy carpet cleaning, or any sort of cleaning, really. If everyone really enjoyed cleaning carpets, then we’d probably all be out of a job, or we’d have a lot more franchisees! A quick and dirty (pardon the pun) survey of a small number of our franchisees […]

dirty boots walking on carpet
2 April 2014

5 questions you should always ask a carpet cleaning company

5 questions you should always ask a carpet cleaning company (and 5 questions a carpet cleaner should be asking you) 1. Will you provide a quote in writing prior to commencement of any work? A quote should always include price, a scope of works, a work guarantee including conditions, reference to appropriate insurances, and should […]

carpet cleaning safe for young families
4 March 2014

What is the definition of ‘clean’?

What is the definition of ‘clean’? If you’re a parent you’ll be well aware of the difference of opinion between young (or maybe not so young) children and grown ups about what constitutes ‘clean’, especially when it comes to clothes, bedrooms and cutlery and crockery. By the same token though, you might expect that adults […]

carpet protection solutions
15 January 2014

How to remove red wine and/or blood from carpet

Elite gets called in for all sorts of emergency carpet cleaning jobs. We do our best to get to our customers as soon as we can and most of the time we can fix the problem, but we thought you might appreciate a few tips on dealing with the commonest of issues. In this series […]

choose the perfect carpet for your home
17 December 2013

What is the best carpet? Synthetic or Natural?

With the huge emphasis today on all things ‘natural’ (whatever that means), you’d be forgiven for thinking that the answer to this question, at least as far as carpet was concerned, would inevitably be ‘natural’. In practice it’s not quite as simple as that. There are many factors to take into account when deciding which […]

elite carpet machine cleaning the carpet
29 November 2013

Carpet Cleaning History

Looking at a Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner quietly zipping around a floor picking up dirt and grime, it’s hard to imagine a time before carpet cleaners and vacuum cleaners existed, but in fact they are a relatively new invention, the first motorised vacuum cleaner being invented by a chap called Hubert Cecil Booth in the […]

cleaning leather furniture
Case Studies
11 November 2013

Cleaning an old Leather Couch

Bad case of leather fatigue no challenge for Elite’s Steve Buttigeig. Steve Buttigieg (his surname is of Maltese origin in case you’re wondering) has been working at Elite for a long time – 15 years in fact – so he knows a thing or two about cleaning. Since 2002 he has been the franchisee for […]

freshly cleaned carpet
29 October 2013

Meet your franchisee, Lindsay Skinner

Lindsay Skinner, franchisee for Brisbane central and Brisbane east When you first meet Lindsay Skinner, you could be forgiven for thinking that he was a basketball player, not in the cleaning industry! At 6’4” (193cm), and slim, Lindsay hears all the jokes. About ten years ago he joined Elite Brisbane as an employee, having worked […]

choose the perfect carpet for your home
7 October 2013

Elite featured in Courier Mail

After embracing new technologies to serve our customers and franchises more effectively, Elite Carpet Cleaners where featured in the Courier Mail. Unfortunately this link is no longer available.