professional rug care - Persian Carpet or Oriental Rug care

Cleaning Persian Carpets and Oriental Rugs

Whether Persian carpet or Oriental Rug, both are a significant investment. These statement pieces require particular care and understanding the best way to look after them. Ensuring you protect your investment and maintain their innate beauty. An authentic Persian Carpet is characterized by its distinct weaving technique, the use of high-quality materials, artistic design, and …

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what is the best carpet for rental properties

What is the best carpet for a rental property?

Choosing the best flooring options for a rental property can be a difficult decision. Do you spend more on a premium carpet that promises longevity and easy maintenance or do you choose something cheaper, knowing you may have to replace it sooner?

child safe carpet cleaning

Child Safe Carpet Cleaning

Having a young family can be difficult at the best of times. The washing, cooking and cleaning just seem to mount up, with no end in sight. Sometimes enlisting the help of a professional once in a while can take the pressure off when it comes to keeping your home clean.

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