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Christmas Carpet Care

Carpet after Elite Dry Cleaning Upholstery and Leather Cleaning

Christmas is a great time of year. It is the season to be jolly, with the kids getting a visit from Santa and adults getting to catch up over a BBQ, beer or wine. However, with all the extra people in your home, it’s imperative to keep your carpets clean and protect your floors from the inevitable spills and stains. The best option to ensure your carpets and rugs are sanitary for Christmas is to always use a local carpet cleaner before and after celebrations. To that end, Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning have some great carpet cleaning specials this festive season. So, if you do need to spruce up your floors, we’re available throughout the Christmas season to help. However, as extra precautions we also recommend the follow carpet care tips to help keep your floors in tip top shape over the holidays.

Ensure you Vacuum your Carpets More Frequently

Although a weekly vacuum will do the trick at less busy times, you’ll have to do it more often during Christmas when guests are over. Your dirty rugs and mats will need to be cleaned a little more often and carpet pile may become more soiled. Grit, mud and muck from outside might be brought inside on the shoes of guests and this can result in damaged carpet and destroy its delicate fibres. Daily vacuuming over Christmas will go some way to helping with carpet protection, however, we do recommend getting professional carpet dry cleaners in to give your floors that extra help.

Bring Out Floor Mats & Rugs

It’s got to be expected that many people will keep their shoes on whilst visiting you over the festive season. That’s why it’s such a good idea to bring out the door mats to keep your carpet hygienic. It’s a well-known fact that the use of good quality door mats can help remove most of the dirt from shoes and feet before it gets dragged inside and ground into your home’s carpet pile. Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning definitely recommend using both an external and internal door mat at each entry to your home to protect your carpet from the high traffic during the holidays. For what it’s worth, door mats and rugs provide great value as they can be quite cheap and will safeguard against damage to your existing carpets. However, if you do find that some dirty has gotten past the floor mats and worked its way into your floors, please give your local carpet dry cleaner a call on 131 580 and we’ll be out to help asap.

Know How to Deal with Stains Quickly

Besides a visit from the fat man, one thing is guaranteed around Christmas time – stains! Guests accidentally dropping food or a child spilling a drink are common occurrences unfortunately. When this happens, the best thing to do is to deal with it as quick as possible. The professional carpet dry cleaners at Elite always say that timing is everything and almost all stains can be totally removed if they haven’t soaked into your carpet’s fibres. Without a quick reaction, it’s a lot more difficult to get rid of stains and in this case, it’s always best to get in an expert carpet cleaner to help bring your carpets back to their former glory.

Be Careful When Watering your Christmas Tree

Many families nowadays are opting for a live Christmas Tree instead of the plastic versions. There are however a few things to be aware of with real trees.  Firstly, you’ll need to keep the water up to it so it remains healthy for the entire season. However, if the kids or yourself happen to pour water and spill it, this can potentially result in serious carpet damage – especially on wool carpets or those with natural fibres. Brown stains and mould may also develop on your carpet and if you have a metal Christmas Tree pot, rust stains may appear too. Although many people try to remove these stains with vinegar, this is not recommended as it can do more harm than good and destroy the delicate pile. It’s always best to consult a professional carpet dry cleaner when dealing with water damaged carpet. The specialist carpet cleaners at Elite have been helping local homes with these type of stains for decades so you can trust us to get your carpet looking and smelling fresh again in no time. Another issue we’ve seen with real Christmas Trees is that pine needles fall onto the carpet. If these aren’t swept up quickly on a daily basis, they can quickly soil your carpet as they get trodden into the pile. Bringing out the dustpan and brush then giving your carpets a thorough clean with your vacuum is always a good start. However, for a deeper clean to remove all dirt and debris, a professional carpet dry clean is in order.

Get your carpet protected from unwanted liquid

Do you have pets at home? Do the pets sometimes do business on your carpet or rugs while they are supposed to do in their litter box? Have you or your little ones or your elderly spilled some drinks on your lovely carpet accidently? Well, it happens and it is life. At Elite, their carpet protection product works to protect your carpet and rugs from fast from absorbing fast of those liquid, to give you more time to respond with clean up action. Want to know more, read here:

Book your Professional Carpet Dry Clean Today

Now is the time to prepare for Christmas. To make the best impression on your guests, we recommend a thorough carpet clean before your friends and family arrive. During festivities, it’s important to be on guard against possible stains and other risks to your carpets by remaining vigilant. By reacting quickly to any spills, you’ll be able to avoid the most serious damage to your carpets. However, if an accident does happen, it’s then time to call in the local carpet dry cleaners from Elite to save the day. Even if there were no major spillages, it’s always a good idea to clean your carpets after heavy Christmas use to ensure they’re brought back to their clean and hygienic state ready for the new year. 

Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning have over 30 years’ experience in caring for carpets around Australia and can help whether you have synthetic, woollen or other natural fibre. With highly trained local franchisees around the country in major cities and many smaller locations, chances are there’s one near you. Make this year the year you treat your carpets with a Christmas gift of their own – Book your profession carpet dry cleaning service with Elite by calling 131 580 today!

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