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Make-up on the carpet mishaps: how to DIY clean – a pro tells

A professional carpet and upholstery cleaner like Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning’s Steven Armour can tell a lot about a household’s habits by looking at the carpet.

He can tell, for example, if there’s a tendency to sit on the bedroom floor, probably cross-legged, in front of mirror mounted on a wall or door to apply make-up rather than in the bathroom.

And he may ‘see’ that someone paints their nails while watching a fav reality TV show while sitting on the lounge in the family room.

Steven may also discern small v-shaped scorch marks in the carpet: evidence of hair straighteners being placed on the floor while still hot and melting synthetic carpet fibres!

The tell-tale signs of make-up spills are often subtle. A discolouration that build up slowly until suddenly, it’s there – and about as wanted as achieving panda eyes when you’ve sought a sultry look!

The good news is that there’s rarely any need to call in the professionals specifically for a make-up mishap – if you know what to use and how to use the right stuff for a competent DIY clean-up.

Steven shares these tips to improve your DIY removal of makeup from carpet.

Powders: eyeshadow, blush, foundation, bronzer

Fine coloured powders easily spread and build up on surfaces such as carpets.

Steven recommends attending to fine powder spills when they happen. But do not just water. Do not rub. Brush up loose residue. Then grab Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning’s multipurpose carpet and upholstery cleaner Super Spotta which removes small spills and stains like a pro when it’s used properly.

Steven says it is important to shake the Super Spotta bottle before opening to mix the active ingredients.

Apply directly to the stain. There’s no need to saturate or spray broadly.

Allow 1 to 2 minutes for the Super Spotta to go work on the stain, then wipe in 1 direction with a damp clean cloth.

If a stain persists, repeat and work the area with your fingers gently before again, wiping.

Tip: always keep a stash of clean white cloths on hand for spot-cleaning.

Super Spotta is only available through Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning franchises: call 131580 for your bottle of Super Spotta, delivered to your door free.

Liquid foundation

If liquid foundation has dripped onto carpet or upholstery, use Super Spotta as directed on the bottle and blot with a clean damp white cloth.

Tougher to move make-up spills

Some make-ups are meant to stay in place on your face longer: long-lasting mascara, liquid foundations and stay-in-place lipsticks. These make for tougher stains to remove from carpet.

Steven recommends pointing them out to your professional carpet cleaner when you book your regular annual home carpet deep clean.

Nail polish spillage

Steven says small nail polish spills are often seen on the arm of a lounge chair or sofa – and they’re not easy to get out.

To remove, dab acetone-based nail polish remover on the spot, slowly. Test first in a discreet part of the upholstery. Dab with a white cotton cloth, don’t rub: rubbing can cause the colour to ‘bleed’ further.

Make-up mishaps are rarely a professional cleaning emergency. If concerned, call your local Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning professional on 131580 for advice – and grab a bottle of Super Spotta to see you through until the annual home carpet clean.


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