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How healthy is your mattress?

Despite being one of the most used items of furniture in your home, when it comes to cleaning, your mattress goes from most popular to most neglected pretty quickly.mattress cleaning services

Considering we sleep for roughly a third of our lifetime, why is it that so many of us neglect to clean our mattress regularly? George from Elite Carpet Cleaning Tweed/Gold Coast doesn’t have a definite answer but it’s likely down to the fact it’s not common practice or top of mind.

“Until you see the colour of the water coming from from our machines after we’ve cleaned a mattress, you’ll never believe how dirty they get”, he said when discussing it.

George often compares the attitude of mattress cleaning with clothing and linen. We’re primed from an early age to wear a shirt then wash it at the end of the day because it’s perceived as dirty. When it comes to the bedroom, we wash the sheets regularly but generally don’t think about the mattress itself. The linen is clean and therefore everything looks clean, but it’s the mattress where bodily fluids like sweat will end up once they’ve quickly penetrated the linen.

By cleaning your mattress regularly, which George recommends annually with your carpet and lounge, you’re freshening up your mattress by removing bacteria, dead skin cells, allergens and dust mites living on, and in, the place you lay down to rest.

George has only just finished cleaning a motel, which included some pretty funky stains, smells and conditions. “The mattresses changed colour and it’s made me think twice about sleeping in some motels”, he said. “Well, not this one because I know it’s clean!”, he was quick to add.

Although urine and some discolouration is often permanent, professional cleaning will help remove smells and most other stains such as sweat. George couldn’t say whether it improves the longevity or comfort of a mattress but it’s definitely an improvement for your health and overall wellbeing.

In most cases it only takes around half an hour for Elite to treat and clean each mattress and won’t displace you or your family for the night.

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