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How to Maintain Your Lounge Suites

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How to Maintain Your Lounge Suites

We must admit, 2nd to the chairs in our office, we probably spend most of our time sitting in
our lounge suites, or a couch, a sofa in your beloved home. Every time when I walk into a
furniture store, I can’t move my eyes from that beautiful furniture for sitting, also always
wonder, whoever buys them, is supposed to take good care. Not everyone does that,
unfortunately. I was called in a few places, and I was shocked to see their fabric material
couch was full of dirt, oil, food stains, pets’ pee, you name it; all those foreign substances
make the fabric look like leather, shining by reflecting the light from outdoors, only the
odour it remits was reminding me it was made of synthetic rather than skin from animals. It
is not representative, as I am aware; however, per my random survey, most people don’t get
their upholstery cleaned regularly. A heavily soiled couch will be a bed of food for
bacteria and pests, keeping it clean not only saving the user from getting sick but also avoiding
diseases from pests. Then comes the question, how and how often?

General maintenance can be done by yourself; there is no science about it; it is more about
a good habit. I assume anyone who has bought a couch should have bought a vacuum. Yes,
that is simple; just vacuum it on a weekly basis, unless you have pets or littles keep dropping
stuff on it. Vacuuming, especially do it with a machine with a brush on the head, will get rid
of 80% of dry soil. When purchasing a new vacuum, remember to check if its filter meets
HEPA standard, which is standard for high-efficiency particulate absorbing. A vacuum with
HEPA filter can capture 99.95% pollen, dirt, dust, moisture, bacteria, virus, and some

Professional Cleaning is not optional. Like all professional services, your lounge suites can be
cleaned by a carpet cleaning technician. Yes, all carpet cleaning technicians do upholstery
cleaning as well, as far as I know. Different from carpet cleaning, for fabric upholstery
cleaning, there is only one way, officially called hot water extraction with two nicknames.
One nickname is called steam cleaning because the machine uses hot water; when it sprays
the hot water out, especially when it is very hot, it looks like steam, but it is not steam. The
other nickname is called dry cleaning, it does not make sense if I don’t explain. It is relative
to the cloth wash process with a washing machine. Some upholstery covers can be taken
off and machine washed in water; be careful of shrinkage, though. The hot water extraction
process works as the machine sprays a certain amount of water onto the surface and extracts
it back instantly, so the soil can be sucked into the machine. I forgot to say, normally before
the spray-and-suck back process starts, there should be vacuuming and pre-spray steps to
get rid of dry soil and dissolve sticky soil.

If your lounge suites are made of leather or PU or any other type of fake leather but not
regular fabric, congratulations, it can be cleaned with a hot water extraction process.
Professional cleaning technicians will use 3 -5 types of different cleaning solutions plus a few
towels to do the work manually following a procedure. It will cost you more as you can
imagine with the high labour costs in our country.

Fabric and Leather Protection can save you big money. Besides the cleaning process we
have talked about, it is often recommended to apply a layer of protection on your
upholstery, regardless it is fabric or leather. It works as a buffer with higher surface tension to
delay the infilling of foreign liquid, such as a coffee spill or dog pee. So, when accidents
happen, you have bought extra time. Interested in knowing more details? Click here to learn
more: Carpet Fabric Protection And Sanitizing – The Elite Way | Elite

Not all upholstery cleaning technicians delivers the same quality of work. At Elite, all our
technicians are trained on how to identify the material and stains and pick up the right Standard
Operation Procedures. The quality difference is not in the procedure or the machinery, it is
in the cleaning agents. Elite has been manufacturing its own environmentally friendly,
water-based cleaning chemicals which are only exclusively available to its franchisees in
Australian wide. The cleaning chemicals are always applied in pairs, with a pre-spray in
alkaline and rinse agent in acidic; after the whole process is finished, not only has the soil
been dissolved and removed, the fibre or leather material has been reset to the neutral PH
of 7 to prolong the life span.

How frequently should I get my lounge suites cleaned? Many would wonder. At least once a
year, Tim Honan, the training manager, always stresses this when training our technicians:
“remind our customers about the frequency; leaving it too long, some stains can become
permanent dying, stain as a visual stain even it is cleaned”. For those who have kids or pets
at home, you need it twice a year.

Ready to call a professional carpet cleaning technician? Visit or call 131
580 for the one in your local area.

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