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Maintenance – Getting longer life from your new carpet

getting a longer life from your carpet | Elite Dry Carpet Cleaning Australia and Maintenance Services

After moving into a new house with pristine carpet, or having new carpet laid in your current home, you will no doubt appreciate the soft, luxurious underfoot feel of your new floor covering.

So how can you maintain that new carpet and ensure its longevity?

At Elite Carpet Cleaning we have a few tips that can help you get a longer life from your new carpet. To maintain your carpet, the first thing you should do is refer to the manufacturer’s warranty and cleaning instructions.

As carpets are manufactured from both natural materials and synthetic fibres, the method of cleaning and dealing with spills is dependent on the carpet’s material. Make sure you understand the recommended techniques for cleaning your carpet and follow the instructions to ensure you do not void your warranty.

To help care for your new carpet here are a few tips:

  • Vacuuming: The frequency and method of vacuuming can affect the longevity of your carpet. Some manufacturers will specify the style of brush head for your specific carpet, so make sure your vacuum brush is the one recommended for your carpet. Ideally, you should thoroughly vacuum your carpet at least once a week.
  • For high traffic areas vacuuming 2 to 4 times a week is advised. Infrequent vacuuming will allow the dirt and dust to embed itself into the carpet fibres. The embedded debris will damage the carpet fibres and dull the carpets’ look and feel.
  • Professional carpet cleaning will then be required more often to restore your floor covering. Vacuuming with a cleaner that does not adequately remove the debris from the carpet can be just as bad as not vacuuming at all. Ensure your vacuum cleaner is operating at its best – always ensure you start with an empty vacuum and do not allow it to overfill.
  • Dealing with spills and accidents: Ensuring you know how to clean up spills is a priority with a new carpet. Make sure you have the necessary cleaning products recommended by the manufacturer on hand, so when those accidents occur you are ready to act. Spills and accidents that are left untreated will result in staining and quite often also damage the unseen underlay. Over time, this damage can become more noticeable.
  • Often professional cleaning may be the only way to remove the visible stains. At Elite we carry a range of products and solutions to help you take care of your carpets, rugs and soft furnishings. When it comes to dealing with spills and accidents, we can recommend the best product for your type of carpet.
  • Doormats: Ensure you have doormats at the entryways to your home and get the family into the habit of wiping their shoes before entering. Taking shoes off can also assist – particularly in high-traffic areas. In cooler months you could consider wearing socks as lighter coloured carpets can suffer discolouration from bare feet.
  • Furniture: The placement of furniture can impact your carpet as this designates the traffic areas through your home. Additionally, furniture left too long in one place can also affect your flooring. Try to move your furniture periodically. This will enable you to vacuum those places where the furniture was and change the traffic zones through your home.
  • Pets: Sharing your living space with pets? Allergens and dirt trapped in the carpet fibres can cause serious issues for your pets.Vacuuming daily and regular professional cleaning will keep both your pets and your carpet in good health.
  • Annual Professional Cleaning: Over the course of time, your new carpet will gradually suffer the signs of wear, particularly in those high traffic areas. Fortunately, professional cleaning and proper maintenance of your carpet can ensure that plump, comfortable experience of your new carpet lasts for many years to come.
  • Most carpet manufacturers’ recommend a specific timeframe for professional cleaning to be carried out. Some even include it as part of the warranty terms and conditions. Be sure to schedule your annual professional carpet clean to keep your new carpet looking its best.

While the overall durability of your carpet will depend on the material of manufacture, the underlay and the actual installation, you can take steps to ensure you get the most from your new carpet.

Get a head start on your annual clean by calling 131 580 and book your local Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning specialist. As part of our professional cleaning service, your Elite Carpet Cleaning technician can also talk to you about our Elite Carpet Protection to help you get a longer life from your new carpet.

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