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why it pays to get your upholstery dry cleaned regularly
21 February 2020

The benefits of having your upholstered furniture cleaned regularly

While most homeowners know the importance of having their home’s carpets cleaned professionally at least once a year, not many people think about having their sofas and other upholstered furniture professionally cleaned. However, simply vacuuming your upholstered furniture time and time again won’t be enough to remove dirt, debris, and other contaminants that can linger […]

carpet dry cleaning - how it can help if you suffer from allergies
How To
7 February 2020

Combating allergies through Carpet Dry Cleaning

Most people know that keeping their home clean is an essential step in avoiding allergens – particularly if you or one of your loved ones suffer from allergies. However, how you remove them matters, as inefficient cleaning will leave more dust and mould spores in the air. A good place to start is to clean […]

Carpet stains don't have to be a problem, Elite carpet stain removal can remove most stains and odours
How To
17 January 2020

3 Carpet Stains you should never try to remove yourself

While trying to clean some basic stains from your carpet can lead to success, there are other stains that it is in your best interest to avoid trying to clean by yourself. These stains should be left to the professionals for them to be appropriately removed without causing further damage to your carpet. Here are […]

Campervan and motohome carpet, upholstery and rug cleaning
6 December 2019

Unexpected places which require Carpet Cleaning: Your Motorhome

You already know how important it is to clean the carpets in your home. What you may not think about is having the rugs in your motorhome or campervan cleaned regularly as well. Even so, a lot could be lurking inside your vehicle, so with Christmas holidays just around the corner, here are a few […]

How often should i get my carpets dry cleaned - keep your carpet fresh with regular carpet dry cleaning
How To
28 October 2019

How often should you get your carpet dry cleaned?

When was the last time you dry cleaned your carpet? Remember, the weekly or biweekly vacuuming doesn’t count. While it is a necessary practice, vacuuming only eliminates surface dirt and particles. It does not remove stains, tacky dirt and mud, and abrasive particles that ruin your carpet over time. Unlike steam cleaning, dry cleaning does not introduce […]

commercial carpet dry cleaning
4 October 2019

How does carpet cleaning increase the value of your home or office?

Have you ever really stopped to think about the impact your carpet has? I suppose if you have built a new home recently, you would know the expense of installing carpets and other flooring materials. But for the rest of us, we just simply don’t consider it in our daily lives. Carpets are not only […]

Elite Carpet dry cleaning testimonial of great service
How To
13 September 2019

Why are coffee stains so hard to eliminate?

You’re relaxing with a hot cup of coffee when all of a sudden, you spill it. We’ve all been there at one point or another. Coffee spills are very common, and unfortunately, are one of the most difficult to remove from carpet. Here’s a look at what makes coffee spills so challenging, and why you […]

carpet dry cleaning is not just for carpets
About Elite
16 August 2019

Carpet Cleaning: Not just for carpets

Did you know that your carpet cleaning specialist can do more than keep your floors clean? The same techniques we use to keep your carpets in pristine condition can be used in other areas of your home. And often these are locations you haven’t even really thought about. Since dust mites, bacteria, and dander can […]

How dry cleaning your carpet benefits your children
2 August 2019

How dry cleaning your carpet benefits your children

Small children love playing on carpets. They love crawling around on it, and they love just lying on it on a lazy summer day. Something that they have a lot of contact with will have an effect on them, and it is mostly positive. Carpets are easier on their little hands, knees and feet. Carpet […]