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19 January 2015

Is it worth getting fire retardant carpet and fittings?

Fire in the home or office is an ever present danger, so it is sensible to take precautions to both minimise the possibility of fire breaking out and to minimise injury and damage to property once a fire has broken out. Installing fire retardant carpet or treating existing carpet and other fittings with fire retardant […]

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12 January 2015

Award winning auto industry exec takes on Elite Bayside franchise

Byron Smith has spent most of his working life in cars. As a service manager in car dealerships around Queensland, Byron has worked at many of the majors including Pioneer Holden in Mackay where he worked for five years and the Mitsubishi dealership in Springwood. While he was working at the Mitsubishi dealership he was […]

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6 January 2015

Pets, Parking, Parties… Body Corporate and carpets

The in joke in the world of bodies corporate (to be pedantic, the plural of body corporate is bodies corporate, not body corporates) is that 95% of all the business they deal with is in connection with the three ‘P”s – pets, parking and parties. In practice, and in law, their duties go a lot […]

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How To
19 November 2014

How to remove pet smells

Pets are great, their smells… not so much. At Elite we spend quite a bit of time helping our customers keep their homes sweet smelling, whether they have pets or not. Here are a few things you can do to keep pet smells to a minimum and to keep them that way*, from basic steps […]

elite mackay carpet cleaning and pest control services
16 October 2014

Introducing Shaun Tucker, Elite Mackay

Mackay carpet cleaning franchise changes hands after eighteen years David Lowry took on the Elite franchise in Mackay back in 1996 and has consistently been one of the top performing offices in Australia for the company. This year, after eighteen years in the business, he has decided to move on and this month the new […]

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21 September 2014

Introducing Darren Greer, Elite Townsville

From printing newspapers to cleaning carpets Darren Greer, Elite Townsville franchisee, is Townsville born and bred, and took over the business from his father twelve years ago (2002). The business in fact prides itself as a family business that has been operating in the area since 1988, and, as well as the city of Townsville […]

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25 August 2014

The Future of Carpet – Part II

Following on from our previous article on tech developments in the world of carpet, it turns out that carpet is not necessarily the low tech product everyone thought it was. A team of scientists and researchers at Durham University in the UK has been working on what they have dubbed a ‘magic carpet’ to help […]

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25 August 2014

Carpet Cleaning In Paradise

Airlie Beach, in the Whitsundays in North Queensland, is certainly one of the contenders for ‘paradise’ – aquamarine water, impossibly white sandy beaches and coral teeming with life. Nestled in the hills are beautiful houses, and the marina is home to a broad range of yachts and boats, from little tinnies to luxury yachts. Earlier […]

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8 August 2014

Meet Your Franchisees – Steven and Kylie Diehm, Cairns

Back in 2003 Tom Pickford was president of the Cobras Aussie Rules club in Cairns (now called the Cairns City Lions), as well as the Elite carpet cleaning franchisee for the area. He picked up the phone one day and it was Steven Diehm, a state and premier league player in Brisbane looking for a […]