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end of lease clean
How To
20 December 2016

Moving on: What you need to know to get your rental bond back

Talking to a friend over the weekend, the subject of rental bonds came back. She’s taking off overseas and is really counting on that money to help fund some of her adventures. In this case, the rental bond – some call it a ‘rental deposit’ – is four weeks’ rent held in trust. It’ll be […]

stained carpet with a spilt glass of red wine
How To
28 November 2016

Party season surprise first-aid hacks for homemakers

If you’re hosting a get-together for family and friends this holiday party season, you’ll know it’s not just Santa who is busy making a list and checking it twice. You’ll have a list of people who are definitely coming – and probably another for those who just haven’t RSVPed but are likely to show up! […]

carpet trends 2018
25 November 2016

When sand between the toes becomes a lethal combination

Ah, summer: nothing beats a walk along the beach, getting sand between the toes. Walking barefoot on sand is so good for you, massaging the soles of your feet and providing a fantastic natural – and free – exfoliant; and let’s not forget the physical workout. Walking that sand into your house or holiday apartment […]

dogs cats and upholstery cleaning
How To
17 November 2016

Dogs, cats, carpets and upholstery: How to live together

Australians love pets – about 63% of us have fur babies according to the Australian Veterinary Association. And in much the same way as we can love our kids without loving their behaviour sometimes, dogs and cats can do things in the house we wish they hadn’t… Like leave so much fur behind on the […]

is your bed making you sick
How To
10 October 2016

Why your mattress could be making you sick

When was the last time you cleaned your mattress? No, not the sheets: we mean the mattress … although changing sheets is another story altogether (TIME reported one UK study indicating young single men changed their sheets once every three months!) At Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning, we’re not prying into who you sleep with; whether […]

winter cleaning
How To
28 September 2016

Gearing up for a mouldy season in Australia’s sub-tropics

While Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning’s professionals will be first in line for sautéed mushroom with garlic, when it comes to dealing with fungi, we’re right with you in saying ‘EWW’ to mould and mildew. Our business name suggests that we focus on carpet cleaning, but Elite’s teams are experts at upholstery cleaning too – and […]

children pets and parents on clean dry carpet
Case Studies
19 September 2016

Elite Carpet Cleaning rescues rug disaster

Adelaide’s Cheryl de Lorenzo was at her wit’s end when she called Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning for help recently. She’d had a large rug cleaned (by another company) in readiness for a family reunion, with the visitors ‘camping out’ in the lounge room to talk into the night. What wasn’t expected was sodden smelly wet […]

freshly cleaned carpet
Case Studies
5 September 2016

How carpet supports ageing Australians

Accidental trips and falls can have serious outcomes for older Australians and they happen with frightening regularity: in any given year, about 1 in 3 people over 65 have a substantial fall. Elite Carpet Cleaning was shocked to learn that falls are the leading cause of injury-related hospital admissions for people over 65 in Australia. […]

school holidays and stains - avoid stains these school holidays
Case Studies
19 August 2016

What’s the significance of classroom carpet?

We all want what’s best for our children and at Elite Carpet Cleaning we know ‘best’ can mean many things to different people: it’s a big topic of debate. There’s much to be said about the dedication of teachers, the quality of management of schools and the culture of learning. And then there’s the learning […]