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dealing with heavy traffic on carpets
17 May 2016

Dealing with heavy traffic on carpet

The well-worn path across a room’s carpet is a dead giveaway of the comings and goings of a household but short of recarpeting — or learning to fly! — what can be done to minimise this eyesore? When we turned to carpet cleaning professional Stefano Boni for some practical tips, we were surprised. Forget rugs […]

choose the perfect carpet for your home
How To
5 May 2016

How to choose the perfect carpet for your home

There’s a lot to think about when choosing the right carpet for your home. Surprisingly Elite Carpet Cleaning franchisee Rod Richardson, who works the NSW Mid North Coast region, says colour and style shouldn’t be the most important considerations. He says to get the most from your carpet choice, you first need to buy the […]

horror carpet image
How To
21 April 2016

Horror DIY carpet cleaning stories and what’s best left to professionals

Elite Carpet Cleaning’s Lindsay Skinner has quite a few horror stories to tell of carpets ruined by homemakers’ attempts to attack a stain themselves. Most of them were the result of internet searches seeking ‘DIY carpet stain removals’. Lindsay, who has the Elite Carpet Cleaning franchise for Brisbane Central and Eastern suburbs, says some stains […]

tips for getting the most out of your vacuum
6 April 2016

Top tips for getting the most out of your vacuum

People who vacuum their floors properly only need professional carpet cleaning once a year. But what does ‘properly’ mean and how can we get more out of our home vacuum cleaner? Tim Honan, national operations manager for professional carpet and upholstery cleaning franchise Elite Carpet Cleaning, provides these tips to achieve domestic goddess (or god-like) […]

easter egg chocolate in the carpet
How To
22 March 2016

Easter chocolate first-aid: dealing with chocolate in carpets and furniture fabric

Australians will spend nearly $200m on chocolate this Easter. And not all of that will end up in tummies. There’ll be plenty of chocolatey hands and faces – and a fair chance of chocolate being smeared on your lounge upholstery or carpet. Professional stain remover Darren Greer — the Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning Townsville franchisee […]

end of lease clean
How To
9 March 2016

Your best chance at getting your rental bond back at the end of your lease

Your lease is up. You’re moving on, leaving what has been ‘home’ – perhaps for a few months, maybe for years. Moving out of a rental residential property requires more than packing your bags, a quick ‘lick and spit’ clean and handing the keys back, particularly if you want your whole bond returned. The rental […]

upholstery cleaning
How To
23 February 2016

Top tips for choosing upholstery for the family room – stain expert tells

Lounge suites, sofas, couches: call them what you like, they’re an indispensable part of home interiors and play a big part in our daily lives. They can also be a costly investment. We turned to 30-year stain removal professional Gary Pracy, the Elite Carpet franchisee for Camden, for his top tips on choosing the right […]

children pets and parents on clean dry carpet
How To
9 February 2016

Head lice and carpets

Can carpets be the source of your child’s head lice? School is back. At some time during your child’s years at child care, kindergarten, preschool and primary school, they’re likely to bring a really creepy friend home. Its formal name is Pediculus humanus capitis. You’ll probably know it better as ‘head lice’. But despite folklore, […]

is your bed making you sick
28 January 2016

Why carpet and water don’t mix

When was the last time you moved your bed? There could be more lurking under there than fluff balls. Elite Carpet Cleaning franchisee Shaun Tucker recently revealed a nasty surprise when he moved a mattress in a Mackay client’s spare bedroom. A waterproofed cot mattress on the carpet was hiding a serious water leak, so […]