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How To
19 January 2016

6 steps for effective rug storage

Rugs can really pull a room’s décor together but as summer days draw out, it’s tempting to want to go naked – bare floors at least! Easy: Roll up the carpet and throw it under the house, right? Well, not if you expect to pull the rug out when the days get chillier and definitely […]

Young men drink beer, eat pizza and cheering for football and make the carpet smell like a brewery
4 November 2015

The worst party spillages and how to deal with them

2015’s party season in Australia officially started with the Melbourne Cup on November 3. That means some heavy duty work-outs for carpets. If you think a quick wipe up and vac along with a cunning repositioning of furniture or a pot plant will hide evidence of party spillage until after New Year, Elite Carpet Cleaning’s […]

family and pets enjoying clean upholstery and clean carpets
Case Studies
21 October 2015

Rescued dog and blood stained car

Stopping to give aid to an injured dog, left for dead on a roadside recently, left good Samaritan Krystal’s new car in a bloody mess. Her immediate concern was for the dog, driving about 60 minutes to an all-hours emergency vet in the early hours of a morning. Driving home, the tired night worker had […]

mother and child on clean carpet
16 October 2015

New Parents’ essential guide to cleaning up ‘accidents’

If you’ve a baby or toddler at home, you’ll know that it doesn’t take long for carpet, lounge and upholstery to be on the nose after Baby’s misdirected pees, poos or possets. How can a little person who looks so sweet make such a smelly mess?! Little babies often burp up some of their milk […]

super spotta stain remover
17 September 2015

The pink elephant in the room aka that dark stain

Stains always tend to happen at the worst time or on the surfaces you want to keep the cleanest. Other than living in a bubble, there’s no way to stop them but with help and advice from Steve at Elite Carpet Cleaning Southside Brisbane, you’ll be able to keep your carpets, lounge and upholstery as […]

Elite Mattress cleaning testimonial
11 September 2015

How healthy is your mattress?

Despite being one of the most used items of furniture in your home, when it comes to cleaning, your mattress goes from most popular to most neglected pretty quickly. Considering we sleep for roughly a third of our lifetime, why is it that so many of us neglect to clean our mattress regularly? George from […]

Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning
4 September 2015

Elite helps save our native wildlife

Saving our native wildlife is near and dear to many Australians, but Elite Central West franchisees, Steve and Pamela Dury, have joined WIRES to help rescue and re-release our native treasures. WIRES, or Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service, is a not for profit organisation dedicated to the rescue and relocation of native Australian animals […]

carpet water damage and upholstery water damage concerned man on the phone
31 August 2015

Elite takes charge after devastating storms

For Elite Maintenance Services Central Coast, cleaning carpets is just the beginning, as their ability to assess and repair flood devastated flooring in homes is helping thousands of Central Coast residents after devastating storms. April 2015 saw some of the worst storms on the Central Coast in over a decade, leaving more than 5,000 residents […]

Carpet stains don't have to be a problem, Elite carpet stain removal can remove most stains and odours
21 August 2015

Bleach and carpet don’t mix

Elite Franchisee of the Year, Stephen Dury, is no stranger to every homeowner’s carpet nightmare – bleach spots. After receiving specialist training from Elite HQ to understand and approach the issue, he’s saving homeowners hundreds – even thousands – of dollars by repairing the carpet rather than having them replace it, and in only 30 […]