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What to do to prepare for your carpet’s professional cleaning.

At Elite Carpet Dry  Professional Cleaning, we take both our jobs and your results very seriously. Thus, there are a few things we ask you to be aware of before we arrive to clean your carpets. So we can provide you with the very best results possible.

We find our clients often over-prepare. So read on to find out what you can do to ensure the best results, and what you can leave to us.


You don’t need to move your furniture before we arrive – our technicians will do this wherever necessary. However, we do suggest you move any breakable or fragile items away from the area being cleaned.

Do remove small items like toys, shoes, floor lamps, and any kid- or pet-related bric-a-brac. If you like, you can use clothes pegs to pin up any floor-length curtains or drapes.


If you have pets, prepare for the technician’s arrival by ensuring they are securely removed from the area being cleaned. Our carpet cleaning equipment can be a bit noisy and frightening for more timid animals. The technicians may need to go in and out or leave the door ajar. Which can present a flight risk for the cheeky, opportunistic ones?


During the pre-cleaning inspection, please point out any areas of concern to the technician, especially troublesome stains. If possible, let them know what the cause of the stain was. Most stains are removed by our normal cleaning process, but some may require Elite’s specialized stain removal service.


Elite Carpet Dry professional Cleaning makes aftercare very simple. The wait time until you can walk on your carpets again is very quick – carpets are usually dry within an hour. If you can’t avoid walking on the carpet – say, in the main thoroughfare through the house – have some towels prepared to lay down in case people need to get through.


Unlike many other companies, Elite also produce our own cleaning products, so in addition to being confident about what’s in them, our technicians carry the full range for you to purchase. Whether you’re a new puppy owner in need of a spot treatment, or you’re looking for a preventative product, our technicians are trained and able to provide you with the best option.

Call Elite Carpet Dry for a professional cleaning on 131 580 to talk to your local franchise today. We’re the specialists in carpet, upholstery, mattress and rug cleaning, Australia-wide.

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