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Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Sanitizing

Elite Carpet Dry cleaning can take care of your commercial carpet cleaning requirements, and we also look after upholstery, floor rugs and runners.

Regular professional carpet cleaning is a must for every type of business. Maintaining a clean and professional setting will provide your employees and visitors with a clear indication that you take pride in your workplace and in your customers too.


We Use Elite Super Sanitizer to Kill Germs and Repel Insects

Elite Super Sanitizer is a proprietary cleaning product made from Benzalkonium Chloride that kills germs on contact. Benzalkonium Chloride is mainly used as an antimicrobial agent and surfactant. It kills microorganisms and inhibits their growth in future. The product is often an active ingredient in antibacterial hand wipes, antiseptic creams and anti-itch ointments.

Elite Super Sanitizer is also non-flammable and contains eucalyptus oil which repels insects, mainly due to its eucalyptol content. Research has shown eucalyptus oil is effective at warding off mosquitoes and other biting insects with higher eucalyptol content resulting in longer and more effective insect repelling properties.

Elite Super Sanitizer will ensure your family are safe and sound from the spread of dangerous germs that could cause illness. The added insect repellant benefits mean you and your children will be protected from biting critters and itchy skin.

The benefits of commercial carpet cleaning

  • Make a fantastic first impression with a clean, pleasant environment. Whether you have carpets, floor rugs or upholstered furniture, nothing is worse than walking into a business and seeing stains on the carpet or sitting on an odorous couch!
  • Regular professional carpet cleaning for your commercial office will prolong the life of your carpets and upholstery.
  • We can add fabric protection after your cleaning service to ensure any spills are easily attended to and to further ensure the longevity of your items.
  • Warranty protections is a further benefit of a professional cleaning service. Whether we attend to your needs annually or on a more regular basis, professional cleaning will save you money on replacement carpets, rugs and upholstered furniture.

commercial carpet cleaning services

It is a wise investment to establish a regular professional commercial carpet cleaning schedule.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning?

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