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End of Lease Carpet Cleaning and Sanitizing

Our Certified Carpet Dry Cleaners are experts when it comes to End Of Lease Cleaning. We are able to remove most stains and leave the carpets clean.

It’s a pretty safe bet that when you’re doing your end of lease clean, you’re going to need to have your carpets done by a professional who can provide you with a written invoice.


Elite Super Sanitizer Can Kill Long-Lasting Gems On Your End of Lease Carpets

Elite Super Sanitizer is a Preservative in Medicinal products they are also used as an Anti-microbial additive. It is made up of Benzalkonium Chloride which is a preservative for cosmetics, wet wipes, hand and surface sanitizers. It can be used in swimming pool chemicals and all Surfactants.

Benzalkonium Chloride will kill all the microbes and this ingredient is called Biocide. Benzalkonium Chloride based sanitizers, sprays, gels, and foams should be used with caution and not be used as an everyday product.

However, during these tough times of increased risk. Everyone needs excellent hygiene and it is essential to the safe running of a business. Sanitizers based on this chemical can be very useful, highly effective, affordable, and convenient.

Products from Elite are safer than alcohol-based sanitizers. Make use of Elite Super Sanitizer for your End of Lease Carpet Cleaning today!

How Elite can help you get your bond back:

  • In our experience, the Carpet Dry Cleaning method used by Elite removes more stains, particularly those stubborn ones which may have set in across the term of your lease.
  • Our technicians will provide you with all the documentation you need to help you get your bond back.
  • Remember that we will also vacuum and deodorise you carpets. This makes a good impression!

Make sure that you have a great chance of getting your bond back by having your carpets professionally cleaned by Elite at the end of your lease!


Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning technicians have years of experience in helping tenants recoup their rental bonds.

Generally we find that tenants who use Elite for their end of lease carpet cleaning do not get their bond held back because of dirty carpets.


Best of all, our Certified Carpet Cleaning Technicians are fully insured. We will provide you with all the documentation you require to help you get your bond back at the end of your lease.

Carpet stains don't have to be a problem, Elite carpet stain removal can remove most stains and odours

We have your end of lease carpet clean covered!

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