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Rug Cleaning and Sanitizing

Don’t have a Dirty Rug amongst your freshly cleaned carpets. An Elite Technician can get rugs and mats looking Fresh and Clean in no time.

Just as our certified Carpet Dry Cleaning Technicians can get your carpets immaculately clean, they can do the same for your rugs and mats with our Rug Cleaning service.


Elite Super Sanitizer Helps to get rid of Bacteria and Gems for Your Rug Clean:

The recent pandemic of the coronavirus has raised public awareness on how to prevent diseases. It is very important to keep your hands clean to stop transmitting the virus. The method to prevent germs and bacteria is scrubbing and washing your hands with sanitizer along with that you have to take care of your rug’s mattress and carpets to sanitize them frequently.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers usually contain harsh chemicals that may irritate soft skin. Ingredients like these are too harsh to use for kids. To opt for a gentler solution, an alcohol-free sanitizer such as Elite Super Sanitizer may help rid unwanted bacteria on your carpets, rugs, and mattress naturally and effectively.

Bacteria and germs are lurking everywhere. It is important to keep your carpets, rugs, and mattress sanitized at all times. This recommended practice may help prevent the spread of Germs and Bacteria.

Elite Super Sanitizer is made of Benzalkonium chloride. It is a quaternary ammonium compound primarily used as an antibacterial, antimicrobial surfactant.

Alcohol-free sanitizers such as Elite Super Sanitizer contain Benzalkonium chloride to eradicate harmful microorganisms and bacteria from your Rugs and Mattress.

Why Elite’s Carpet Dry Cleaning method works on mats and rugs:

  • Our advanced Carpet Dry Cleaning Technology is ideal for cleaning your rugs and mats, getting deep into the pile to remove built up dirt, grit and dust particles.
  • Your rugs and mats will be professionally vacuumed and deodorised.
  • If you desire you can also have Elite Carpet Protection treatment applied.

Don’t fall into the trap of having freshly cleaned carpets but with dirty rugs and mats hanging around. Get them all clean!


Using Elite, we can safely remove stains and odours from your rugs and mats. In some instances owners have effectively saved their mats through the cleaning process. Rugs they thought were past their use-by date have been resurrected!


with the Elite Mat Cleaning service, you only need to wait about an hour until they are dry and ready to go down back on the floor.


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