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Upholstery Cleaning and Sanitizing

Is your Upholstery and Leather Furniture looking a little worse for wear? Our Elite Technicians can bring them Back to Life!

There’s not much worse than looking at a favourite piece of furniture and realising how dirty and tired it has become over time. Wouldn’t it be great to get it back.


We Use Elite Super Sanitizer to Kill the Gems and Virus for Your Upholstery Cleaning:

Elite Super Sanitizer and Elite Supa Spotta is a Spot and Surface Cleaner that helps you to protect from viruses and bacteria.

Elite Super Sanitizer contains Benzalkonium chloride and eucalyptus oil which repels mosquitoes, flies, insects, and more.

Benzalkonium chloride is an ingredient in hygienic products like anti-itching ointments, antiseptic creams, antibacterial wipes, etc.

Eucalyptus oil is commonly used as a surfactant and antibacterial agent and is commonly found in household cleaning products.

The antimicrobial properties of Elite Super Sanitizer prevent products from spoiling and helps eliminate bacteria that may cause odors.

How our technicians clean dirty furniture:

  • We use a combination of our unique cleaning solutions and state of the art cleaning technology to safely clean your upholstery with minimal risk and excellent results.
  • Our upholstery cleaning service can cover fabric and leather sofas, lounges, recliners, couches and dining room chairs, just to name a few!
  • We can apply a fabric protector to new and freshly cleaned furniture so that it repels rather than attracts dirt.
  • Our Certified Technicians can clean almost any dirty furniture and get it back to its “as new” best.

Cleaning upholstery and leather furniture requires special cleaning technology!


Your leather furniture will love the treatment we give it. Hand cleaned and conditioned with a specially formulated solution to maximise the life of the leather, it will look fantastic by the time we are finished.


For fabric protection we use a specially formulated Fabric Protection Solution designed to be durable but affordable, and it is made specifically by Elite.

This provides a barrier for the fabric that stops spills and greasy marks being absorbed into the fibre, and making them easy to wipe clean.

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