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As a person who has rented many homes, I’ve come to rely on Elite for the great job they do at the end of a lease. They’ve removed some mighty stains left behind by my kids, and in the process have saved me hundreds of dollars in bond fees. I recommend them to anyone who needs their carpets cleaned.

Andy, Ipswich.

When I was first told that I could have my carpets dry cleaned, I didn’t believe it. But after being recommended to use Elite I have never gone back. Every year I get Elite do my carpets, and they always look fantastic.

Anne, Carindale.

Once a year I have Elite come in and clean my carpets, upholstery, and whatever else needs doing. The job they do is amazing, and every year I feel like I’ve had brand new furniture and carpet fitted. I’ve got a lot of faith in Elite, so I’ve recommended them to many friends over the years – and they are as impressed with the results as I am.

Lisa, Townsville.

When Elite came and cleaned our carpets, I couldn’t believe how prompt, friendly and efficient they were. I was really happy that I could walk on my carpet just an hour later. I’ve had other carpet cleaners in the past, but many of them left my carpet with a soggy smell and feel that I really didn’t like. In my opinion Elite are the best, and I would recommend them to anyone who needs their carpet done.

Steve, Perth.

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