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Those unexpected places that require carpet cleaning

Unexpected places that require additional carpet cleaning | Elite Dry Carpet Cleaning Australia and Maintenance Services

Your carpet provides your home or office with a feeling of comfort and can give your customers or guests one of their first impressions of your space. Carpet can easily be the focal point of your home. Quite often carpets and floor rugs can also be cost-effective protective barriers for your floors. And, if you are into decorating, your carpet will also complement your home or office decor too.

However, that beautiful carpet will accumulate dust and dirt and need regular cleaning that will require more than a brand name carpet cleaner from the homewares section of your local department store or supermarket. What’s worse is the areas you may not realise you’re missing when you’re cleaning the carpet. The following user-friendly guide discusses unexpected places that your carpet needs cleaning that you should know.

Unexpected areas that need extra carpet cleaning attention

Office carpet

Debris can get grounded into your office carpet and needs to be deep cleaned. In fact, in a commercial setting, carpet cleaning professionals recommend professionally cleaning your carpet once a month to lift dirt and debris. Often times, your office will have a lot of foot traffic that can adversely impact your carpet. The lighter your carpet is, the more visible the debris from foot traffic will be. Under your desk, around the bottoms of filing cabinets, areas close to plants and statues – these are usually the areas of carpet that are overlooked during regular vacuum cleaning.

High foot-traffic areas

High foot-traffic areas are widespread in your home. What are we talking about when we refer to high foot-traffic areas? High foot-traffic is unsightly lanes of traffic that appear on your carpet from frequent walking. For example, if you have stairs in your home, they’re subject to high foot-traffic and can easily attract stains, dirt, crumbs and debris. Your staircase is a mutual area for everyone in your home, which can mean a lot of traffic. The entryway and family room are also high foot-traffic areas that will require extra attention when you’re cleaning your carpet. Coming into the lounge area from a tiled kitchen zone? Perhaps your tile cleaner has not been used effectively, and you are inadvertently walking tile cleaner into your carpet.

Car upholstery

Your car is constantly being invaded by your kids, the local carpool, pets, and after school snacks, right? So, before you know it, there’s a build up of stains, crumbs, pet hair, or debris that needs to be cleaned. In fact, the car is prone to those spills from your favourite cup of coffee or soft drink. There are parts of your vehicle that may need more carpet cleaning than others. The places where you rest your feet are attractive areas for mud and dirt. Believe it or not, under the seats is also an area known to accumulate dirt and requires extra attention frequently.


Everyone uses the sofas at your home and office. On occasion, your furniture is home to spills from popcorn, chips, and drinks from movie night. Flipping the couch pillows over isn’t enough when you’ve spilt red wine or accumulated balls of pet hair. Underneath your couch pillows, you’re sure to find more than just loose change. In fact, it’s probably best to have your couch professionally cleaned to remove pet odour or dander that’s not visible, but unmistakable.

Why Customers Prefer Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning

Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning has been proudly serving customers since 1984. We’re dedicated to a high level of excellence in customer service.  Our Franchisee network is nationwide. Our team of professionals are committed to a money-back guarantee, and we won’t disrupt your home life or regular business operating hours. We have the experience to clean those visible and unexpected areas of wear on and in your carpet. Our customers are left with clean, soft, dry carpets that are ready to walk on in an hour. Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning specialises in:

No job is too big or too small for us! You’re invited to contact us at Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning for your free no obligation consultation for your home or office. If you’re looking for a quality commercial or residential carpet dry cleaning service, give our carpet cleaning experts a call today.

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