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Why carpet and water don’t mix

When was the last time you moved your bed? There could be more lurking under there than fluff balls.


Elite Carpet Cleaning franchisee Shaun Tucker recently revealed a nasty surprise when he moved a mattress in a Mackay client’s spare bedroom.

A waterproofed cot mattress on the carpet was hiding a serious water leak, so bad that the carpet under the mattress had rotted away.

“The client had said not to worry about moving the beds, but that’s all part of a thorough job,” says Shaun who, with wife Nicole, took over the Elite Carpet Cleaning Mackay franchise 12 months ago.

“The room wasn’t often used so the leak had escaped notice.

“It had already done serious damage though, rotting the carpet and timber framing in a wall. Both needed replacing.

“I was able to get a plumber straight in who located the source of the leak and the water damage was covered by the client’s insurance policy.”

While water damage to carpet from a slow leak may be rare, storm season regularly puts floor coverings at risk of water damage.

Elite Carpet Cleaning offers a 24/7 emergency flood restoration service because even a small amount of water can stain your floor covering and allowing water to sit encourages mould and bacteria to grow long before rotting becomes apparent.

Meanwhile, Shaun has 2 tips to minimise the risk of water damage from storms:

  • Ensure windows and doors are closed and sealed tight, with silicone and seals in good condition.
  • Use sandbags as a barrier in front of sliding doors.

“Water tends to get into the tracks and window sills and then soaks into floor coverings,” explains Shaun.

If your home or workplace’s floor covering has sustained water damage, seek immediate professional carpet cleaning assistance from Elite Carpet Cleaning.

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