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The worst party spillages and how to deal with them

2015’s party season in Australia officially started with the Melbourne Cup on November 3.


That means some heavy duty work-outs for carpets.

If you think a quick wipe up and vac along with a cunning repositioning of furniture or a pot plant will hide evidence of party spillage until after New Year, Elite Carpet Cleaning’s Steven Diehm urges you to think again.

“The longer stains are allowed to set, the harder they are to remove, even for professionals,” warns the Cairns-based Elite Carpet Cleaning franchisee.

“Spillages that go without proper cleaning attention are like hangovers: they’re ugly, smelly, painful party reminders that you don’t need!”

If not treated promptly, stains can become permanent. This can ruin your décor.

Steven’s top 5 party stain makers are:

  • red wine
  • coffee
  • cream
  • sweet and sour sauce
  • frozen drinks.

Steven has received increasing call-outs to deal with stains from coloured frozen drinks – the grown-up version of Slurpees – at party venues and hotels.

Natural fibre floor coverings particularly soak up the artificial colourings used in party beverages and party food accompaniments.

Party spill first aid

Keep the soiled area moist until professional treatment arrives.

Steven says professional cleaning of party floors helps maintain the life and looks of floor coverings, ready for the next celebration, and at a fraction of the cost of a total refurbishment.

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