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Winter cleaning

Winter – even relatively mild Australian winters – brings out the bear in most of us. A time to rug up and hibernate.

The last thing on your mind is likely to be carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Those home maintenance jobs are more likely to rate urgent attention during a spring clean and the race to prepare for the long hot summer holiday season.

Yet there are good reasons to book your carpet and upholstery cleaning with Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning now while there’s a nip in the air.

Carpet dries fast in winter

First, let’s get rid of a drying time myth. You won’t be exposing the family to chills by getting the carpets and upholstery clean in winter because:

  1. It’s not that cold.
  2. Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning and upholstery systems dry quickly – within a couple of hours, your floor coverings and couches will be good to use.
  3. The low humidity actually aids drying. High humidity, as experienced in many parts of Australia during summer, means more moisture in the air.

Step ahead for spring allergens

If hay fever and allergies are a problem in your household, you know the importance of minimising triggers. Like dust, dirt and pollens.

They’re in the carpet now. Trapped within the fibres. Allergens can blow in through the window on a breeze just as easily as being tramped inside on the soles of your shoes.

Right now, you and your family are spending more time hunkered down indoors. Make your indoor environment cleaner, more comfortable and healthy with professional carpet dry cleaning now.

Convenient appointments are yours now

Professional carpet and upholstery cleaners are available now. Even Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning’s professionals. Ruin their plans of a day’s “fishing” by booking them to do their job!

Winter is the season to book an appointment on a day and time that best suits you to get the carpets, rugs and lounges cleaned.

Get ahead of the spring clean by calling 131580 and your local Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning specialist will be at your service, bringing a new meaning to this winter being ‘fresh’.

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