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When it comes to carpet and upholstery cleaning, why wouldn’t you choose an established and reliable business that can ensure your carpets are cleaned thoroughly with minimum fuss and risk of damage? Well, unlike many carpet cleaning businesses, Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning has been around a long time – we started in 1984, and we are Australia wide.

Getting the cheapest deal for your carpet cleaning can actually risk damaging your carpet?

This is why we specialise in carpet dry cleaning here at Elite. Our exclusive cleaning solutions and dry method of carpet cleaning mean your carpet cleaning experience is safe, effective, fast and convenient.

So call us today on 131 580 for all your carpet cleaning needs!

  • We come at a time that suits you and be there on time.
  • Your carpets are cleaned with no fuss, we even help move your furniture.
  • Your carpets are clean, soft and dry in about an hour.
  • Your carpets are left with no sticky residue.
  • Your stains are removed with impressive results.
  • Really tough stains can receive Elite’s specialised stain treatments.
  • You are delighted with the results.

Franchise-AdSo no more waiting hours until your carpets are dry enough to walk on. Get the exclusive Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning treatment and get back to your normal home life straight away.

Our trained technicians can also clean your:


  • Upholstery so that it feels fresh and clean like the day you bought it
  • Rugs and mats plus they are deodorised at no additional cost
  • Mattresses so that they are clean and fresh for you to sleep on

So get your Carpets and Upholstery Cleaned and Refreshed today by our Trained Technicians

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