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6 steps for effective rug storage

Rugs can really pull a room’s décor together but as summer days draw out, it’s tempting to want to go naked – bare floors at least!

Easy: Roll up the carpet and throw it under the house, right?

rug cleaning services

Well, not if you expect to pull the rug out when the days get chillier and definitely not if you’re the lucky owner of an heirloom floor covering such as the intricate hand woven Persian rugs.

Tim Honan from Elite Carpet Cleaning explains how to properly store household rugs of any size whether they are synthetic, cotton or wool:

  1. Get your rug professionally cleaned to remove soiling and bacteria.
  2. Let the newly-cleaned carpet dry out thoroughly. With synthetic rugs, what you feel is what you get: if it feels dry, it is dry. That’s not the case with quality wool rugs. Wool holds moisture. Even the slightest amount of retained moisture will encourage mould, mildew and rot. Tim Honan recommends allowing 2 days for drying.
  3. Get the rug professionally treated for carpet bugs. This protects your floor covering from being eaten away while in storage. Some Elite franchises (contact us) offer this pest control service as well carpet cleaning.
  4. Roll, don’t fold, your rug. Folding can permanently damage rug fibres.
  5. Wrap your rug in a large plastic sheet. This protects your rug from dust as well as insects and rodents. Alternatively, a cotton sheet can be used.
  6. Stow your rug in a cool dry area off the ground and away from direct sunlight.

If you are storing your rug for more than 6 months, check it for signs of moisture or insect damage.

Just follow these 6 simple steps and you can dare to bare your floor, safe in the knowledge that you can roll out the rug for a cosy look when summer has gone.

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