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The Elite Secret Weapon – Super Spotta

12 March 2019

Super Spotta Multi-Purpose Cleaning Solution The experienced Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning professionals can make light work of the majority of stains and trampled in dirt, not to mention those pesky odours that seem impossible to remove – despite the mountains of air freshener and carpet deodoriser you use. While it may look easy, the truth […]

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Carpet Restoration after Water Damage

16 November 2018

Carpet Restoration after Water Damage Water damaged carpet can be amongst the most frustrating experiences for homeowners and businesses alike. If you have a leaking roof, burst pipes, overflowing drains or backed up sewerage pipes, the devastation to your carpets can be costly. Any form of water intrusion into your home or business will likely […]

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How often do you need to vacuum your house?

19 October 2018

Vacuuming may seem like an unnecessary chore, but it is a necessary evil – one which we all must have a go at from time to time. But how often do you need to vacuum your house? In theory, you should vacuum weekly. Vacuuming at least weekly using a good quality vacuum cleaner across all […]

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How to care for Persian Carpets and Oriental Rugs

14 September 2018

Owning a Persian Carpet or Oriental Rug is a significant investment. These statement pieces require particular care, and understanding the best way to look after them will ensure you protect your investment and maintain their innate beauty. An authentic Persian Carpet is characterised by its distinct weaving technique, use of high-quality materials, artistic design and […]

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What is the best carpet for a rental property?

10 August 2018

Choosing the best flooring options for a rental property can be a difficult decision. Do you spend more on a premium carpet that promises longevity and easy maintenance or do you choose something cheaper, knowing you may have to replace it sooner?

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Protecting your family’s health in Winter

6 July 2018

The dreaded winter flu can be enough to pull the wind out of anyone’s sails. Coughs, runny noses, fevers & night sweats – these are the hallmarks of the cold and flu season. Your first line of defence is the flu vaccine. There are, however, some simple strategies to protect your family’s health and keep […]

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Could Carpet Beetles be eating your carpet?

8 June 2018

Could Carpet Beetles be laying their eggs in your carpet? Where to look for signs of infestation and tips to ensure your carpet is not devoured by the larvae.

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Don’t let stains ruin these school holidays

1 June 2018

With the next lot of school holiday just around the corner, it pays to protect your carpets, rugs and upholstery ahead of time with carpet dry cleaning, stain removal and fabric protection. Learn about the three biggest school holiday stain culprits, and how you can be prepared.

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Professional carpet cleaning for your business

28 May 2018

Regular professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning is a must for any commercial business operation. Protect your reputation, carpets, upholstery and warranties by booking in regular Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning services.

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Preparing your home for Holiday Rentals

18 May 2018

The sharing economy is definitely in full swing, with Deloitte Access Economics reporting that “Airbnb hosts in Queensland earned a median income of $4,700 in 2015-16 – a fairly modest supplement to a household’s main sources of income.” You may have considered the opportunities of this “share economy” and have thought about putting your home up […]

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Child Safe Carpet Cleaning

3 May 2018

Having a young family can be difficult at the best of times. The washing, cooking and cleaning just seem to mount up, with no end in sight. Sometimes enlisting the help of a professional once in a while can take the pressure off when it comes to keeping your home clean.

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Should you have your carpets professionally cleaned at the end of your lease?

27 April 2018

Ah, the dreaded end of lease clean. Did we get the fan blades cleaned properly? The tops of the light switches? How did we ever get pancake batter on the range hood?! What are we going to do about the carpets?

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Carpet trends 2018

20 April 2018

The wealth of choice when it comes to choosing new carpet for your home is enormous. As technology changes, so do both the carpets’ materials of manufacture and the carpets’ durability, making the choices seem endless. So what are the new carpet materials and trends entering the market for 2018/19? Bold moves are being heralded […]

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Young children and pets – making the right carpet choice for your home

13 April 2018

Floor coverings are a big investment in home decorating. If you watch current popular TV makeover shows, you’ll see a preference for tiles, polished concrete and timber. Rugs as statement pieces may feature but what about carpet? So who better than an Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning stain expert to turn to for practical advice on choosing carpet for a household with a young growing family (and probably fur babies too).

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What to do to prepare for your carpet’s professional clean

6 April 2018

At Elite Carpet Cleaning, we take both our jobs and your results very seriously. We find our clients often over prepare, so read on to find out what you can do to ensure the best results, and what you can leave to us.

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Franchisee spotlight: Franchisee of the year, Shaun Tucker

29 March 2018

It’s been just over three years since Shaun Tucker took ownership of the Mackay franchise of Elite Carpet Cleaning, but it’s been a wild ride in such a short time. Celebrating Franchisee of the Year, Shaun and Nicole are starting 2018 with a bang in their new premises.

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Professional Couch and Mattress Cleaning can Help with Allergies

23 March 2018

Allergy sufferers rejoice – did you know Elite Carpet Cleaning also clean mattresses and couches? Though it may not be something you’ve considered in the past, having your mattress properly cleaned may be something to consider for those who struggle with allergies, especially if dust and/or dust mites are a known trigger for you.

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Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, What are they feeding you?

16 March 2018

It’s not unheard of, but certainly less common, that we’re called upon to try and remove cat-related odours from carpets. But dogs? Dogs have stinking up houses down to an art!

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Cleaning Leather Furniture

9 March 2018

Like all surfaces, leather furniture does need cleaning due to the build-up of dust, dirt, grease and general domestic germs. Here we share some tips from the Elite Leather Cleaning Professionals so your leather furniture will last for many years to come.

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Maintenance – Getting longer life from your new carpet

2 March 2018

At Elite Carpet Cleaning we have a few tips that can help you get a longer life from your new carpet.

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Elite erases grubby tourists’ hotel room souvenirs

28 August 2017

Apparently, the more people pay for their accommodation, the more loutish their behaviour can be.

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Flooded Stores

21 August 2017

And as the water trickled into the washing machine in the laundry at the back of the shopping strip, Veronica flicked out the salon lights and headed home.

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Winter Cleaning

14 August 2017

Winter – even relatively mild Australian winters – brings out the bear in most of us. A time to rug up and hibernate. The last thing on your mind is likely to be carpet and upholstery cleaning. Those home maintenance jobs are more likely to rate urgent attention during a spring clean and the race […]

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Make-up on the carpet mishaps: how to DIY clean – a pro tells

4 July 2017

A professional carpet and upholstery cleaner like Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning’s Steven Armour can tell a lot about a household’s habits by looking at the carpet. He can tell, for example, if there’s a tendency to sit on the bedroom floor, probably cross-legged, in front of mirror mounted on a wall or door to apply […]

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Aquarium Disaster

23 June 2017

“At first, I thought someone had broken in, that it was vandals,” the client says.

Subsequent investigations determined an inexplicable break in the tank’s structure, spewing forth 1500 litres of water. That’s the equivalent of about 6240 highball tumblers of water!

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Elite franchisees cleaning up Debbie’s mess

13 April 2017

Just weeks on from the savaging of Tropical Cyclone Debbie, a weather event described by the Insurance Council of Australia as ‘a catastrophe’, Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning franchisees are still doing what they can to make homes liveable and get businesses—including holiday rentals—back operating. #TCDebbie swept through the Whitsundays, making landfall as a category 4 […]

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How much does carpet cleaning cost?

30 March 2017

You’ve dialled a carpet cleaner and you ask the voice at the other end of the telephone, ‘how much will a carpet clean cost?’ Beware if you get a flat price, over the phone, sight unseen, and no further information given because you’re bound to be in for a nasty surprise. It’s like asking ‘how […]

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Boat Uphostery Cleaning

22 February 2017

Despite its name, Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning does much more than professional carpet cleaning. Our franchisees are experts in upholstery too – lounges, sofas; even boat upholstery. Elite Airlie Beach services all types of boats from family runabouts to chartered sailboats and luxury yachts cruising Queensland’s Whitsunday region. Marine craft can carry a surprising amount […]

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Flood Advice for Carpets

8 February 2017

There’s not a cloud in the sky yet you’ve come home to a flood disaster! What do you do when faced with water cascading down stairs, reminiscent of Niagara Falls, or carpets submerged in an inside sea? Burst pipe malfunctions from washing machines, hot water systems and dishwashers are the commonest cause for emergency flood […]

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Have you thought of this hack to update your lounge?

13 January 2017

It’s hard not to notice advertising hype at this time of year. Say ‘goodbye’ to looking so yesterday and ‘hello’ to a fresh new look in 2017. It goes for clothes, hair styles, cars, furnishings… But stop for a minute. Is your sofa truly dated and in need of replacing? Or could it be that […]

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Moving On: What You Need to Get Your Rental Bond Back

20 December 2016

Talking to a friend over the weekend, the subject of rental bonds came back. She’s taking off overseas and is really counting on that money to help fund some of her adventures. In this case, the rental bond – some call it a ‘rental deposit’ – is four weeks’ rent held in trust. It’ll be […]

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Party Season Surprise First-Aid Hacks for Homemakers

28 November 2016

 If you’re hosting a get-together for family and friends this holiday party season, you’ll know it’s not just Santa who is busy making a list and checking it twice. You’ll have a list of people who are definitely coming – and probably another for those who just haven’t RSVPed but are likely to show up! […]

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When sand between the toes becomes a lethal combination

25 November 2016

Ah, summer: nothing beats a walk along the beach, getting sand between the toes. Walking barefoot on sand is so good for you, massaging the soles of your feet and providing a fantastic natural – and free – exfoliant; and let’s not forget the physical workout. Walking that sand into your house or holiday apartment […]

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Dogs, cats, carpets and upholstery: How to live together

17 November 2016

Australians love pets – about 63% of us have fur babies according to the Australian Veterinary Association. And in much the same way as we can love our kids without loving their behaviour sometimes, dogs and cats can do things in the house we wish they hadn’t… Like leave so much fur behind on the […]

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Why Your Mattress Could Be Making You Sick

10 October 2016

When was the last time you cleaned your mattress? No, not the sheets: we mean the mattress … although changing sheets is another story altogether (TIME reported one UK study indicating young single men changed their sheets once every three months!) At Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning, we’re not prying into who you sleep with; whether […]

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Gearing up for a Mouldy Season in Australia’s Sub-Tropics

28 September 2016

While Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning’s professionals will be first in line for sautéed mushroom with garlic, when it comes to dealing with fungi, we’re right with you in saying ‘EWW’ to mould and mildew. Our business name suggests that we focus on carpet cleaning, but Elite’s teams are experts at upholstery cleaning too – and […]

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Elite Carpet Cleaning Rescues Rug Disaster

19 September 2016

Adelaide’s Cheryl de Lorenzo was at her wit’s end when she called Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning for help recently. She’d had a large rug cleaned (by another company) in readiness for a family reunion, with the visitors ‘camping out’ in the lounge room to talk into the night. What wasn’t expected was sodden smelly wet […]

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How carpet supports ageing Australians

5 September 2016

Accidental trips and falls can have serious outcomes for older Australians and they happen with frightening regularity: in any given year, about 1 in 3 people over 65 have a substantial fall. Elite Carpet Cleaning was shocked to learn that falls are the leading cause of injury-related hospital admissions for people over 65 in Australia. […]

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What’s the significance of classroom carpet?

19 August 2016

We all want what’s best for our children and at Elite Carpet Cleaning we know ‘best’ can mean many things to different people: it’s a big topic of debate. There’s much to be said about the dedication of teachers, the quality of management of schools and the culture of learning. And then there’s the learning […]

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Choosing carpet for your workplace? Make sure it checks these boxes!

5 August 2016

The importance of carpet in a workplace is often overlooked, yet it plays a critical role in commercial settings. Aside from helping set the atmosphere in your workplace (first impressions do count), carpet also provides sound insulation, underfoot comfort and a non-slip floor. Tom Peck, Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning Adelaide franchisee who has spent years […]

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How hygienic is your restaurant’s carpet?

26 July 2016

You’re out dining with a fractious toddler who wants space to move. Where is safer: the carpeted floor near your table or the restaurant’s bathroom? Truth is, because we’re more aware of bathroom germs and bacteria, they are more often (and more thoroughly) cleaned and sanitised than carpets in many restaurants. Restaurant carpet has to […]

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How to stop your carpet smelling like a brewery

12 July 2016

 When the beer’s flowing in celebration (or commiseration) of sport results – like this year’s State of  Origin – it’s not uncommon for it to flow a bit much and end up as spillage on your carpet. What happens next – what you do with that spillage – could also be a season win or […]

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Static Electricity And Your Carpet – Tips For Less Pain

6 July 2016

Do winter months leave you feeling zapped with the sting of electric shocks? While you may be channeling your inner-superhero Static, it’s more likely a reflection of the season’s dryness that’s turning you into your own natural electricity show. Static electricity often occurs when two dissimilar material rub together. Friction occurs and builds up a […]

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Tips for buying and caring for your Persian carpet

21 June 2016

You don’t need to have been raised on the stories of Aladdin, Princess Jasmine and the Genie to see magic in Persian carpets. Persian carpets are beautiful and timeless: they’re sought-after décor features for many Australian homes. They can also be quite expensive. So how do you tell the real McCoy and make a wise […]

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Carpets and allergies: can they live together?

2 June 2016

About 1 in 5 Australians suffer from allergies. The teensy dust mite is a big culprit, triggering itchiness, a runny nose, tight chest and breathing difficulties – and then there are those who suffer from dust itself. It’s enough to bring tears to your eyes in frustration. What can be done? The good news is […]

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Dealing with heavy traffic on carpet

17 May 2016

The well-worn path across a room’s carpet is a dead giveaway of the comings and goings of a household but short of recarpeting — or learning to fly! — what can be done to minimise this eyesore? When we turned to carpet cleaning professional Stefano Boni for some practical tips, we were surprised. Forget rugs […]

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How to choose the perfect carpet for your home

5 May 2016

There’s a lot to think about when choosing the right carpet for your home. Surprisingly Elite Carpet Cleaning franchisee Rod Richardson, who works the NSW Mid North Coast region, says colour and style shouldn’t be the most important considerations. He says to get the most from your carpet choice, you first need to buy the […]

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Horror DIY carpet cleaning stories and what’s best left to professionals

21 April 2016

Elite Carpet Cleaning’s Lindsay Skinner has quite a few horror stories to tell of carpets ruined by homemakers’ attempts to attack a stain themselves. Most of them were the result of internet searches seeking ‘DIY carpet stain removals’. Lindsay, who has the Elite Carpet Cleaning franchise for Brisbane Central and Eastern suburbs, says some stains […]

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Top tips for getting the most out of your vacuum

6 April 2016

People who vacuum their floors properly only need professional carpet cleaning once a year. But what does ‘properly’ mean and how can we get more out of our home vacuum cleaner? Tim Honan, national operations manager for professional carpet and upholstery cleaning franchise Elite Carpet Cleaning, provides these tips to achieve domestic goddess (or god-like) […]

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Easter chocolate first-aid: dealing with chocolate in carpets and furniture fabric

22 March 2016

Australians will spend nearly $200m on chocolate this Easter. And not all of that will end up in tummies. There’ll be plenty of chocolatey hands and faces – and a fair chance of chocolate being smeared on your lounge upholstery or carpet. Professional stain remover Darren Greer — the Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning Townsville franchisee […]

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Your best chance at getting your rental bond back at the end of your lease

9 March 2016

Your lease is up. You’re moving on, leaving what has been ‘home’ – perhaps for a few months, maybe for years. Moving out of a rental residential property requires more than packing your bags, a quick ‘lick and spit’ clean and handing the keys back, particularly if you want your whole bond returned. The rental […]

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Top tips for choosing upholstery for the family room – stain expert tells

23 February 2016

Lounge suites, sofas, couches: call them what you like, they’re an indispensable part of home interiors and play a big part in our daily lives. They can also be a costly investment. We turned to 30-year stain removal professional Gary Pracy, the Elite Carpet franchisee for Camden, for his top tips on choosing the right […]

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Head lice and carpets

9 February 2016

Can carpets be the source of your child’s head lice? School is back. At some time during your child’s years at child care, kindergarten, preschool and primary school, they’re likely to bring a really creepy friend home. Its formal name is Pediculus humanus capitis. You’ll probably know it better as ‘head lice’. But despite folklore, […]

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Why carpet and water don’t mix

28 January 2016

When was the last time you moved your bed? There could be more lurking under there than fluff balls. Elite Carpet Cleaning franchisee Shaun Tucker recently revealed a nasty surprise when he moved a mattress in a Mackay client’s spare bedroom. A waterproofed cot mattress on the carpet was hiding a serious water leak, so […]

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6 steps for effective rug storage

19 January 2016

Rugs can really pull a room’s décor together but as summer days draw out, it’s tempting to want to go naked – bare floors at least! Easy: Roll up the carpet and throw it under the house, right? Well, not if you expect to pull the rug out when the days get chillier and definitely […]

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The worst party spillages and how to deal with them

4 November 2015

2015’s party season in Australia officially started with the Melbourne Cup on November 3. That means some heavy duty work-outs for carpets. If you think a quick wipe up and vac along with a cunning repositioning of furniture or a pot plant will hide evidence of party spillage until after New Year, Elite Carpet Cleaning’s […]

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Rescued dog and blood stained car

21 October 2015

Stopping to give aid to an injured dog, left for dead on a roadside recently, left good Samaritan Krystal’s new car in a bloody mess. Her immediate concern was for the dog, driving about 60 minutes to an all-hours emergency vet in the early hours of a morning. Driving home, the tired night worker had […]

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New Parents’ Essential Guide to Cleaning Up ‘Accidents’

16 October 2015

If you’ve a baby or toddler at home, you’ll know that it doesn’t take long for carpet, lounge and upholstery to be on the nose after Baby’s misdirected pees, poos or possets. How can a little person who looks so sweet make such a smelly mess?! Little babies often burp up some of their milk […]

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The pink elephant in the room aka that dark stain

17 September 2015

Stains always tend to happen at the worst time or on the surfaces you want to keep the cleanest. Other than living in a bubble, there’s no way to stop them but with help and advice from Steve at Elite Carpet Cleaning Southside Brisbane, you’ll be able to keep your carpets, lounge and upholstery as […]

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How healthy is your mattress?

11 September 2015

Despite being one of the most used items of furniture in your home, when it comes to cleaning, your mattress goes from most popular to most neglected pretty quickly. Considering we sleep for roughly a third of our lifetime, why is it that so many of us neglect to clean our mattress regularly? George from […]

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