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Elite Carpet and Fabric Protection

Elite Carpet Protection or ECP forms an invisible barrier around each carpet fibre giving you the ultimate protection from everyday spills and walked in dirt and soiling

Here is how it works

Using the latest fluoro-chemical technology, ECP protects the carpet by forming an invisible barrier that will not allow liquids to penetrate deep into the carpet fibre giving you time to absorb and clean the spill before it becomes permanent.

Vacuuming is also more effective as ECP resists dirt and dry soiling. In turn this increases the life of the treated carpets.

How long does it last?

ECP will remain effective for up to two years depending on usage.

Getting your carpet or lounge cleaned is great but if you don’t give them the added benefit of Elite Carpet and Fabric Protection, they can quickly look unclean again with regular use.

Fabric Protector WB

Fabric Protector WB is Elite’s new water-based fluoro-chemical formulation specifically designed for protecting fine upholstered fabrics. It provides excellent resistance to water and oil based spills as well as dry soiling. Our testing has shown superior results compared to solvent based products.

Here’s how it works

Elite’s Fabric Protector works by forming a protective barrier, not visible to the human eye. Once treated liquid spills are not able to absorb into the fibres, giving you valuable time to clean and remove any accidental spill. Dry soiling is also easily vacuumed away giving you a lounge suite that stays cleaner longer.

How long does it last?

Treated lounges remain effective for up to two years.

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