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Carpets and allergies: can they live together?

About 1 in 5 Australians suffer from allergies. The teensy dust mite is a big culprit, triggering itchiness, a runny nose, tight chest and breathing difficulties – and then there are those who suffer from dust itself.

It’s enough to bring tears to your eyes in frustration. What can be done?

The good news is you don’t need to rip up the carpet. Scientific research has found no significant difference in airborne dust levels between carpeted and non-carpeted homes.

Elite Carpet Cleaning professional Phil Gunns from the NSW Central Coast says adopting some healthful and helpful practices around your home can make a big difference for allergy sufferers.

Elite Carpet Cleaning’s top allergy-busting tips

  1. Invest in a quality vacuum cleaner – the better the quality, the better the filters.
  2. Vacuum a few times a week.
  3. Regularly clean your vacuum’s filter.
  4. Clean your air-conditioning unit filters regularly.
  5. Book a professional hygienic deep clean of your carpet and upholstered furniture with Elite Carpet Cleaning – 131580 – at least twice a year.

“When you have an allergy to dust, you need to minimise those microscopic particles around the place,” says Phil.

“Carpets are like a filter that capture and trap dust – and dust mites get their name from their habitat; household dust.”

Elite Carpet Cleaning has a national network of trained professionals keen to take the red eyes and sneezes away from you. Call 131580.

The National Asthma Council Australia provides additional information for allergies and asthma management at home.

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