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A day in the life of a carpet cleaner

To put this short article together, we spoke to a few of the Elite franchisees to ask them what their ‘regular’ day was like. And the interesting thing was – not only were they all pretty different from each other, days were pretty different too. So what follows is a combination of the things you are likely to come across if you were to work for one of the top carpet and upholstery cleaning franchises in Australia.

If you are lucky enough to have scored a nightclub or casino as a customer, you can expect to be out of bed at 2am and starting the job at the client’s premises at 3am, just as the punters have left for the night. Thankfully this is generally only a few mornings in a row at a time, not necessarily every morning. Even if you don’t have one of these establishments as a client, you may well be into your first commercial cleaning job before all the employees arrive around 7am, or it could be an evening or weekend job.

One common thread is that domestic cleaning work tends to be done during normal working hours, although many of the Elite crew, especially those with regional territories, do end up spending quite a lot of time in their vans. With some territories it can take several hours to drive from one side to the other, and one of the Elite franchisees can spend anything up to four hours a day travelling.

The work can be pretty diverse too, depending on where you are. One franchise not far from a major marina and yachting hub, is regularly cleaning the carpet on superyachts. And there’s plenty of it, on the walls as well as on the floor!

Equipment maintenance is a pretty important component of the job, with anything up to the equivalent of an hour a day making sure equipment is in peak condition.

Carpet cleaning can be quite seasonal as well, which makes for very different days. In peak season one of our offices reports regular 70 hour weeks in peak period, with maybe just 20 hours in quiet periods. So it can be quite varied – sometimes not even time for a pie at lunch and at other times a chance to fit in a quick round of golf on quiet days. Of course the golf isn’t all relaxing – it’s keeping fit for the job, and business networking!

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