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Dealing with heavy traffic on carpet

The well-worn path across a room’s carpet is a dead giveaway of the comings and goings of a household but short of recarpeting — or learning to fly! — what can be done to minimise this eyesore?

When we turned to carpet cleaning professional Stefano Boni for some practical tips, we were surprised.

Forget rugs and runners, says Stefano, Elite Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast franchisee: they give a false sense of protection and can be a health hazard.

“Rugs and runners can be tripping traps with very serious outcomes, particularly for older people. One in three people aged over 65 experience falls at least once a year and many end up in hospital with broken bones,” Stefano says.

What’s more, the colour from the rugs or runner can leach into the carpet it’s supposed to be protecting, leaving you with an ugly discoloured patch.

Stefano says a doormat at entrances linking outside in will catch a lot of dirt. We just need to get into the habit of wiping our feet before coming inside.

And don’t wear black soled shoes – the black rubber is a cert to wear off on the carpet, leaving stubborn ugly marks.

Better still, always take your shoes off before walking inside onto carpet.

But don’t go barefoot, Stefano says: take a lesson from the Japanese culture and pull on socks to pad around inside!

Wearing socks has nothing to do with keeping tootsies warm. Our skin secretes oils which can be just as harmful to carpet fibres as dirt that’s walked in from shoes.

And of course, vacuum – at least once a week, although very busy households beating a fast path down the carpeted hall may need to find time for an extra quick vac.

Booking a professional carpet clean with Elite Carpet Cleaning at least once a year will also help remove deeply penetrated dirt from carpets, providing longer wear and life. Call 131580 to beat the carpet path leading from your door.

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