Easter First-Aid: dealing with chocolate in carpets and furniture fabric
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Easter chocolate first-aid: dealing with chocolate in carpets and furniture fabric

Australians will spend nearly $200m on chocolate this Easter. And not all of that will end up in tummies.

There’ll be plenty of chocolatey hands and faces – and a fair chance of chocolate being smeared on your lounge upholstery or carpet.

Professional stain remover Darren Greer — the Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning Townsville franchisee and a veteran of more than 20 years’ carpet and upholstery cleaning—says this is how to handle chocolate stain emergencies:

Step 1: Scrape the worst of the chocolate off gently, using a butter knife.

Step 2: Place a damp tea towel or hand towel over the chocolate and pat the affected area. Repeat as often as needed.

The effectiveness of the first-aid clean-up will depend what your carpet is made from. Wool fibres, for example, are more prone to absorption.

What you must not do to smeared chocolate on carpet and furniture fabric

Darren says chocolate-smeared mess can bring out panicked reactions particularly when it’s on light coloured carpet or upholstery.
There are 4 things you must not do:

  1. Don’t scrub the chocolate. That will work it into the fabric fibres.
  2. Don’t try spot cleaning with a bleach or home cleaning product.
  3. Don’t allow the chocolate to dry out.
  4. Don’t soak the carpet with water.

Help! It’s stained!

If after applying the first-aid, your light coloured carpet or seat has a rather obvious brown smear, you certainly need expert assistance. Professional extraction and spot removal will be required.

Keep the stain damp and covered for the remainder of the weekend and call Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning on 131580. Our nearest cleaning professional will make a house call as soon as possible.
And remember: Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning professionals can save your sticky chocolate-covered car seats too.

Final precautionary advice

Don’t let an Easter chocolate mishap ruin your holiday weekend plans, says Darren.

  • Make sure you have a couple of packets of hand wipes or towelettes in close reach for fingers and faces.
  • Buy Fair Trade chocolate because the purer the chocolate, the less likely it is to have additives that can make stains harder to remove – plus it’s better for you!

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