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Free Sanitizing Service to Protect Your Family

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Does your family include young children and pets?

Are you worried about the nasties lurking in your carpets?

Are your home’s carpets not clean enough for your family?

Are there lingering bad smells in your home?

Take advantage of Elite’s free Super Sanitiser treatment Today!

Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning is currently offering a free sanitising treatment with every carpet and upholstery clean to Aussie homes around the country. Our sanitation process uses Elite’s proprietary Super Sanitiser which is completely safe to use around children and pets. Produced with the highest quality ingredients, our own Super Sanitiser offers the ultimate in home carpet and upholstery cleanliness by killing germs and bacteria on contact. Elite’s specialised sanitation treatments can be applied in minutes with your carpets and upholstery ready to use again almost instantly. Our products provide a deep hygienic clean that will make your home’s carpets and upholstery safe for all your family members and smelling like new.

With many people being forced to stay home recently, their carpets and upholstery have had a lot more use. This would have resulted in more dirt, germs and stains which need attention. Now that it’s time to go back to work after an extended period of time at home, there’s never been a better time to get your carpets professionally cleaned and sanitised to remove the built up muck , bacteria and germs. Your home’s carpets and upholstery will be fresh smelling and hygienic for your return after a long day’s work. Contact Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning now and we’ll come right out to your home at a convenient time to clean and sanitise your carpets so you can rest easy.

Sometimes even clean carpets smell dirty from everyday lingering smells such as pets, smoke, cooking and other stale odours. Our revolutionary sanitising technology leaves your carpets with a soft, fresh scent and is right to walk on in under 5 minutes without leaving any residue behind. Blended to fight odour causing bacteria and deodorise even the worst smells, our free sanitising treatment will help prolong the life of your carpets and upholstery. Elite’s expert technicians will apply Super Sanitiser to remove built up dirt, foul odours and dust lodged deep in your carpet’s pile and on upholstery. Tough smells stand no chance and are instantly neutralised as our odour counteractants reach deep down through fabric fibres with ease. We can also sanitise all forms of furniture including beds, mattresses and rugs for example. Elite also offers discounted commercial sanitising treatments for offices and other business premises. Our products can be safely used around children and pets and do not leave behind bleach or strong solvents meaning they can be used on almost every fibre. Elite’s free Super Sanitiser treatment doesn’t just mask odours – it eliminates them leaving your carpet and upholstery clean and fresh, so you don’t have to worry.

Australian homes all around the country have trusted Elite with their carpets and upholstery for over 30 years. Keep your family safe and get in touch now to take advantage of Elite’s free carpet and upholstery Super Sanitizer treatment. Call us on 131 580 today!

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