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Head lice and carpets

Can carpets be the source of your child’s head lice?

School is back. At some time during your child’s years at child care, kindergarten, preschool and primary school, they’re likely to bring a really creepy friend home.

children pets and parents on clean dry carpet

Its formal name is Pediculus humanus capitis. You’ll probably know it better as ‘head lice’.

But despite folklore, it’s very unlikely that the head lice will have come from the carpet at school (or home) says myth-buster Elite Carpet Cleaning’s David Ross from Airlie Beach.

Lice can only live hours — maybe a day or two max — without a human host. Instead of blaming the floor cover, look at who has been head to head with your child: who has been swapping hats, sharing hairbrushes etc.

Yes, says David, vacuum carpet, rugs, upholstered furniture and car seats to get rid of any lice dust or fallen hair with attached nits — but you don’t need a professional carpet clean because of head lice!

You do need a professional carpet and upholstery clean now for entirely different hygiene reasons.

All those crumbs and food residue that have worked their way into the carpet or sofa cushions during the summer holidays provide an absolute feast for ants and cockroaches which are looking to beat the heat by coming inside.

Evict those unwanted visitors by booking your nearest Elite Carpet cleaning professional today: phone 135080.

Meantime, back with the head lice, concentrate on:

  • Thorough treatment of your child. There are lots of products on the market. Effectiveness really depends on thoroughness and follow-up.
  • Gather all combs, brushes, hats, hair clip, headbands and helmets for a thorough hot soak.
  • Wash your child’s sheets and pillow cases.
  • Undertake a weekly nit patrol of all human family members using a fine toothed comb and magnifying glass under a bright light. Fido gets let off: human lice don’t live on pets!

James Cook University provides some great insight into head lice treatment and prevention.

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