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How hygienic is your restaurant’s carpet?

You’re out dining with a fractious toddler who wants space to move. Where is safer: the carpeted floor near your table or the restaurant’s bathroom?

Truth is, because we’re more aware of bathroom germs and bacteria, they are more often (and more thoroughly) cleaned and sanitised than carpets in many restaurants.

Restaurant carpet has to withstand lots of foot traffic – and who knows where those shoes have been! There are spillages too, and food that’s dropped and then mashed into the carpet pile. What we don’t see are the greasy steam floats wafting out of the kitchen, settling eventually on the floor. Left untreated, the carpet can become a breeding ground for unhealthy bacteria and germs.

Carpet cleaning expert Steve Armour – the Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning franchisee on Brisbane’s South-Side and Logan City – recently was called to a restaurant that hadn’t had its carpet professionally dry cleaned for 4 years. The recommendation is every 3 to 6 months.

The job took 2½ hours to restore the grey-blue carpet, blackened by a grease build-up. Pads used to absorb the grease needed to be changed after 4m2 – they usually are effective over 16m2.

By the time Steve had completed the deep cleansing, deodorising and sanitising, the carpet looked almost new!

Restaurants typically get about 5 years out of their carpets. Another of Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning’s eatery clients has managed to get 10 years out of its carpet. That busy eatery books Steve Armour for monthly professional cleaning, deodorising and sanitising treatment of its carpet.

Carpet in a commercial space like a restaurant is a costly investment. Looking after it properly extends the life. A professional deep dry clean, sanitise and deodorising treatment every 3 to 6 months maintains hygiene standards as well as ambience.

For restaurant floor professional dry cleaning that’ll have your carpet clean enough to eat off (not that we advise that, ever!) book Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning now: 131580.

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