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Why You Shouldn’t Throw Out Your Old Rugs

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Do you have a favourite old rug that’s seen better days? Perhaps a Persian or other Oriental rug? Whichever one you love the best, there are many excellent reasons to clean your worn out rugs. You could potentially get years more usage out of them or even give them away instead of putting them in the bin. Most rugs never get recycled so it’s always a better option to get them cleaned instead of throwing them away. Here’s 5 great reasons to get your rugs cleaned by our professional Elite technicians.

1. Reduce Landfill

Some people buy cheap rugs so they can simply toss them out when they start to age or get dirty. However, Australians throw away mega tonnes of clothes, upholstery and rugs every year. All of this ends up in our rubbish tips where it can sit for many, many years without decomposing. Obviously, this is not good for the environment. Everyone can do their part by looking after their old rugs and upholstery for as long as possible. With regular cleaning, a normal rug could possibly last decades.

2. Give Your Rug A New Lease on Life

Don’t just get rid of your trusty old rug just because you’ve lost hope of bringing it back to original condition. With modern cleaning technology and state of the art methods, many rugs can be rejuvenated to near new condition. Elite’s local rug and upholstery cleaning technicians are highly trained specialists with many years’ experience in helping restore them to their former glory. If you’ve got a cherished old rug, don’t toss it but consider using Elite for the best rates and results. You might just be surprised at how good your old rug comes up!

3. Give Your Rug to Someone Else

When rugs are clean without obvious damage, then they may have resale value. Selling, or even giving away your rug for free, is of course a much better option than just chucking it in the garbage. With many websites such as eBay, Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree, there’s never been an easier time to rehome for your old stuff. Getting a professional rug stain removal service will increase its resale value as much as possible.

4. Save Money

Many rugs aren’t cheap and if yours cost a pretty penny, it may be more cost effective to have it cleaned, rather than fork out for a brand new one. With our expert rug cleaning services, Elite can pretty much guarantee to get your rug back to as near new condition as possible. We also offer competitive rates and free quotes.

5. Use Your Rug in Another Room

Many homes have multiple rugs scattered around the place. If your living room rug is too far gone to have in your lounge room, you could potentially move it to the study, spare bedroom or even the garage. That way you can cycle your rugs to get the most use out of them as possible.

Contact Elite for Professional Rug Cleaning Services

Elite are your local rug cleaning experts. With our modern equipment and effective products, we can remove even the most stubborn stains from your rugs. We provide obligation-free quotes and have technicians located around the country. You can count on us to get your rugs looking brand new again. After all, we’ve been doing it now for over 36 years!

To book a service, please call Elite on 131 580 today.

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