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Removing Red Wine Stains with Ease

Removing Red Wine Stains with Ease Elite Carpet Cry Cleaning | Elite Dry Carpet Cleaning Australia and Maintenance Services

Gearing up for holidays and entertaining? Got your favorite Red wine in stock? Are you excited but worried at the back of your mind about staining your precious carpet?

Well, the truth is regardless of how much care is taken, there is a thing about our elegant upholstery, exotic furniture which attracts stains, especially colored ones, polluting our felicitous mood and contagious smile with sadness and worry. We cannot deny that at one point in time or the other we have all witnessed that situation where we have helplessly seen the spillage event unfold, with our eyes bulging out in horror, it is the moment where the wine unites with our precious carpet and they become one, their union so sudden yet so imperfect; we cannot but cringe and instead of enjoying our party becomes occupied on cleaning this unwanted guest.

Spilling of red wine has more chances as it is a must have item for all parties and the stain is also very visible due to its sharp color. However, a few ideas and tricks can be implemented when you realize your red wine is all over your carpet rather than being in a glass. First and foremost is not to panic and be optimistic and secondly is to immediately grab a towel and dab it on the stain to let it absorb as much wine as it can without scrubbing.

When you have dowsed to large extent, few handy items which may be lying idle around the home can be utilized to assist you in ridding-off the stain. However, if your carpet is made with natural material or has a dye job it might have special cleaning needs. In case, you are doubtful about the material of your carpet it is wise to consult a professional carpet cleaning expert.

With that being said. Learn how to get red wine out of carpet with tips from the cleaning experts at Elite Carpet Dry-Cleaning.

Using Salt and Club Soda

After soaking up the excess wine in the fiber cloth, swear it’s a wonder for removing red wine stains from your carpet, level the new stain with salt followed by club soda. Let the blend stay on the stain for a few hours. Once the color has disappeared, use a clean cloth or towel to absorb any excess moisture and use a vacuum to suck the remaining salt for a finesse.

Apply Some Milk

Milk is a savior for many things and who knew it can also be beneficial for stain removal. After soaking the wine with a fiber cloth, Just pelt on milk on the blot. Let the milk sit onto the blot and let the carpet absorb it. After the lapse of an hour, wash the place with water thoroughly to get rid of the milk and vino completely.

Using White Wine and Baking Soda

This is a counter-intuitive tip like cutting metal with metal. Just pelt in a small amount of white wine onto the red wine stain on the carpet followed by a thickened bed of baking soda on it. Let this blend sit on the carpet for quite some time. Use water to ensure baking soda remains moist. Once the blot loosens, clean with soap and water to get rid of spots of wines and baking soda.

Cat Litter

If you have a couple of cats running around your home, chances are you have some spare cat litter. Cat litter is an effective tool to get rid of red wine stains. Just level some clay cat litter onto the blot and press it down so that it absorbs the maximum amount of vino. Once done just pick-up the litter with the vacuum.

These tips and tricks are no doubt a lifesaver but are so exhaustive with a probability that the stains might not be completely removed, if any such doubt exists in mind it is always better to leave this matter to the experts. For tough stains such as red wine, we at Elite “Professional Carpet Dry-Cleaning” make sure to take away your worry and restore your carpet to its former glory with our arsenal of effective and safe cleaning products matched with the most innovative equipment. At Elite, “Carpert Dry-Cleaning Expert” we make sure to knockout tough stains out of carpets, rugs and upholstery for good without affecting your precious carpet.

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