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Have you thought of this hack to update your lounge?

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It’s hard not to notice advertising hype at this time of year. Say ‘goodbye’ to looking so yesterday and ‘hello’ to a fresh new look in 2017. It goes for clothes, hair styles, cars, furnishings…

But stop for a minute. Is your sofa truly dated and in need of replacing? Or could it be that it’s feeling a little tired and worn, perhaps even slightly unloved (maybe like some parents and grandparents towards the end of the long hot school holidays)?

When was the last time your upholstered couch was professionally cleaned?

That was the question Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning franchisee Peter Bonnily put to a friend, Emma, who was musing about the pros and cons of buying a new sofa or getting it reupholstered. It looked, she told him, ‘dull’.

Like all Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning professionals, Pete, who services Queensland’s Pine Rivers and Redcliffe areas, does upholstery cleaning of sofas, couches, lounges – even car seats – as well as carpets and rugs.

When he asked Emma when her couch – a nice modular 5-seater – was last professionally cleaned, she said, “I don’t remember. Maybe never…But I do vac it, sometimes.”

Pete’s response went something like this: “Well, when did you last service your car?”
“Oh, whenever the manual says – every 6 months or 10,000km,” she answered.

Unlike Emma’s SUV, Emma’s hard-working fabric-covered couch has not been cared for, despite providing seating comfort to a busy household of 4 (often sweaty) sporty humans and a dog and a cat plus a procession of visitors (mostly sweaty after sport too!).

Why upholstered furniture can look dull

Upholstery fabric can “dull” from a build-up of dirt, grime and body oils, most noticeably where heads, arms, legs–and feet—touch.

And unlike cars, fabric-covered lounges don’t usually come with a detailed maintenance manual. So, until something drastic like a spill happens, the dirt build-up can be slow and gradual, going unnoticed until, like Emma, it looks like time to be replaced.

How often is professional furniture upholstery cleaning needed?

Pete’s rule of thumb is that busy active families may need to consider upholstery cleaning every 6 to 12 months while more sedate households may get away with 1 professional clean every 18 to 24 months.

What’s involved in professional upholstery cleaning

Emma didn’t know what was involved in professional upholstery cleaning until Pete explained the Elite way:

  • The time taken for Elite upholstery cleaning professionals to clean a couch will depend on the size of the piece and the extent of soiling.
  • Typically, a 5-6 seater modular sofa takes less than 2 hours to professionally clean.
  • A further 2-3 hours drying time is required before sitting on the couch.

TOP TIP: Speed up the drying process a little by turning on ceiling fans or air-conditioning.

How much does professional upholstery cleaning cost?

Emma thought professional upholstery cleaning would cost a lot of money: that it would be more economic to buy a new lounge.

She could not believe the lounge could look fresh and clean–as-new almost—for around $200 including GST.

And then Pete asked whether the SUV’s upholstery was cleaned as part of its regular car servicing (knowing about the people, animals and coffee transported in it every day) but that’s another story…

Now, as Emma curls into her clean, fresh, as-new couch, she’s planning to update the room with accessories like cushions and throws, still for a fraction of the price of a new sofa.

Contact Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning on 131580 for an obligation-free quote to professionally clean your upholstered furniture and you’ll be sitting back, dreaming of ways to spend your savings.

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