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Top tips for getting the most out of your carpet vacuum

People who carpet vacuum their floors properly only need professional carpet cleaning once a year.

But what does ‘properly’ mean and how can we get more out of our home vacuum cleaner?

Tim Honan, national operations manager for professional carpet and upholstery cleaning franchise Elite Carpet Cleaning, provides these tips to achieve domestic goddess (or god-like) status:

  • Make sure your vacuum can do the job. Do you have mixed surfaces: some carpet and some bare floor (timber, tile or lino)? Not all vacuums are designed for all surfaces. Make sure yours is.
  • Vacuums usually come with an array of attachments yet Tim says few of us even look at them. The most common vacuum attachments are:
  1. Extension wands, providing added length for those hard to reach places like dangling cobwebs
  2. Upholstery tool, coaxing the dust from sofas, chairs, cushions and mattresses
  3. Crevice tool, getting into awkward tight places with its skinny angled head
  4. Dusting brush, softly whisking window sills, lampshades and framed art.

Tips for getting the most out of your carpet vacuum:

  • Ensure the vacuum filter is clean. If the filter is not clean, the vacuum cleaner has to work harder to absorb and eliminate dirt and allergens. Plus the suction capability will be compromised – you’ll be ‘cleaning’ without a clean result. Some vacuum cleaners come with disposable or washable filters. Some are built-in and expected to last the life of the appliance. Check your appliance guide.
  • Empty the vacuum bag or canister that captures all the dust and crud after every vac – or before it becomes ¾ full. This also improves cleaning efficiency.

You need to vacuum your house how often?!

A weekly carpet vacuum is a norm for homes with carpets, says Tim; more often in high traffic zones like hallways.

Once a week! Isn’t that overkill?

Tim explains that a weekly vacuum clean removes grit and fine particles that otherwise work their way deeper into carpet fibres, creating build-up that can be damaging, long-term. Plus, those minute food particles provide a smorgasbord for creepy crawlies.

Yet a professional clean is still needed?

Home vacuuming sucks up dry particles from the surface. The equipment used by Elite’s carpet and upholstery cleaning professionals goes deeper, reaching the sticky dirt in fibers where bacteria grow. This also aids longer life for both carpet and furniture fabric.

Even Ms. Fastidious needs to call Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning for a professional clean of her carpets and upholstery – but she only needs to make the call once a year. Call 131580 for your pro-clean.

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