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Why Choose Elite for your water-damaged carpet cleaning?

Water-damaged carpets can be a common occurrence in many homes. If you’re one of the
many Australians that have a water-damaged carpet, then this blog post is for you!

Some people may have water damaged carpet issues from flooding or leaky pipes, while others
may have spilled something on their carpet. In the event of water-damage carpet, make sure to
call Elite Maintenance Services to avoid further damage.

Sometimes having water-damaged carpet is overlooked, and by the time the home owners have
seen it, it already has a foul odor. We are investing in our carpet and this is part of our daily
living -save your money and time by hiring professional Elite Technicians for your home maintenance

This blog will show you the importance of having your water-damaged carpet cleaned and sanitized by professional elite technicians. Why Choose Elite for your water-damaged carpet cleaning; find out more in this blog.

Why Choose Elite for your water-damaged carpet?

We offer a variety of services, including water-damaged carpet cleaning, sanitizing and many more..

Water damage is the worst thing that can happen to your carpet. It can happen in a variety of
ways, including flooding or storm damage, as well as more mundane events such as a bath or
washing machine over flow or a hot water system failure. All of these things can cause your
carpets to become saturated and emit that horrible musty odor that carpets emit when wet.

Elite’s professional carpet cleaning services can help you get your carpets looking brand new
again to ensure that your carpets are thoroughly deep cleaned and sanitized.

During the service- our Certified Elite Technicians are specially trained to quickly treat water
damaged carpets & can bill your Insurance Company directly. By means of this professional
practice- it will save you time and money, so you can enjoy more time with your family instead
of worrying about the water-damaged carpet. Give us a call at 131-580 today!

Here are other Elite services we are offering:

We can clean your carpets with the right cleaning solutions

Our technicians are cleaning and sanitizing the water-damaged carpet during the procedure –
we will make sure that your carpet will be stain free and odor free after the cleaning process.

Our technicians are cleaning and sanitizing the water-damaged carpet during the procedure –
we will make sure that your carpet will be stain free and odor free after the cleaning process.

We’re also committed to providing an allergy-friendly environment for our customers.
Everyone will be pleased to learn that all of our goods are non-toxic. We’re making our own

It is a guarantee that the cleaning solution is safe to use, we’ve been using it for the past 37
years of Elite Professional Services.

You can call us first to get estimate before Elite Services will come to your home to work on your water-damaged carpet

We’re here to help! If you need a carpet technician in any part of Australia, you can call us and
ask our Prompt Local Service, one of our team members will make sure to attend to your
concerns and make sure to give you “right answers” for your cleaning concerns. Get a quote
today or call us at 131 580

How Elite Carpet Cleaning can help you with water damaged carpet:

● Our technicians are on call 24/7 to take on an emergency job.
● We have the available tools and machines to extract the excess water from
your carpet.
● Our technicians also have machines available to dry the carpets without
damaging fibers or underlays.
● Getting treatment ASAP is very important when treating carpet water damage!


If you have experienced some flooding in your house no matter what the cause and your carpet has been water damaged, our Elite Carpet Cleaning Technicians are specially trained to treat water damaged carpets.


We are on call 24 hours as fast action is very important if you wish to treat
your carpet before serious damage can occur.

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