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Young children and pets – making the right carpet choice for your home

Floor coverings are a big investment in home decorating. If you watch current popular TV makeover shows, you’ll see a preference for tiles, polished concrete and timber.

Rugs as statement pieces may feature but what about carpet?

Gary Pracy has worked professionally with carpets for 30 years. He’s seen the trends and regularly advises clients – and family – on how to make wise choices for carpet and upholstery (read the advice he gave his own son on choosing the right couch upholstery last year).

So who better than this Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning stain expert to turn to for practical advice on choosing carpet for a household with a young growing family (and probably fur babies too).

  1. Avoid light coloured carpets. Yes, they may look wonderful in magazine spreads. Yes, they can give the illusion of space. Reality – not illusion – is that they’ll show up stains.
  1. Shaggy belongs to the Scoobie Doo cartoon, not a young family’s carpet. Opt for a short pile. Long pile carpet becomes a great hiding place for crumbs and a feeding (and breeding) ground for insects, bugs and bacteria.
  1. Wool is not a good choice for allergy sufferers. Its natural fibres also tend to absorb stains more permanently.

Do you already have carpet and feel it’s dated and really needs to go? Wait!

Gary Pracy recommends living with the existing carpet until your youngest child is about 5 years old: “From that age, there are fewer spills, they can be reasoned with a little more, are less likely to have trips and falls which can hurt on hard surfaces and they are out of the house more anyway, at school.”

Meantime, Elite’s Gary Pracy suggests:

  1. Get your carpet professionally cleaned. Busy active young families (and pets) create high traffic and carpets can benefit from professional deep dry cleaning every 6 months: once a year at a pinch. You’ll be surprised by the lift a professional clean makes.
  1. Use rugs over carpet. Think of this as a clever form of camouflage! Rugs can be an affordable way of updating your décor, even seasonally. Elite comes to your home for rug cleaning.

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