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3 Carpet Stains you should never try to remove yourself

While trying to clean some basic stains from your carpet can lead to success, there are other stains that it is in your best interest to avoid trying to clean by yourself. These stains should be left to the professionals for them to be appropriately removed without causing further damage to your carpet. Here are three carpet stains you should never try to remove yourself. 

Coloured Drinks 

Coloured drinks, such as coffee, soft-drink, and cordial, can be incredibly challenging to get out of your carpet, especially if your carpet is lighter in colour. In fact, trying to clean them up with a wet washcloth will likely result in you spreading the stain even more. This can damage more of your carpet and make the stain much more noticeable. 


Blood is another stain that you should never try to remove yourself. Blood stains your carpet almost immediately after it comes in contact with it and trying to remove it with warm water will solidify the blood and make it even more difficult to remove. If you decide to use some form of bleaching agent to remove the blood from your carpet, you are more likely to create a white bleach stain on your carpet than actually removing the stain successfully. 


If you have the misfortune of spilling hot wax on your carpet, do yourself a favour and don’t touch it. The wax will begin to harden the second it leaves the source of heat that melted it. This means that as you are trying to clean it, you are spreading it on your carpet as it is solidifying. Trying to pick all of the little pieces of wax out of your carpet by hand is impossible and you are going to end up ripping out more of your carpet than you’d like. 

In all of these situations, leave the stain cleaning to the carpet cleaning professionals. With experience and the right products, we can generally remove the majority of stains for you. We recommend having any stain reviewed as soon as possible as set-in stains can be almost impossible to extract. So contact the professionals asap to save your carpet and get the stain out.

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