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Is your carpet really clean?

When it comes to carpet cleaning, there’s clean and there’s really clean. Many cleaning methods leave the carpet looking clean, but in fact there can still be many nasties left behind that you just can’t see if the clean was just superficial.

A superficial clean (that is where the top of the ‘face fibre’ is cleaned, but not the base of the carpet) may be all you think you need, but bear in mind that another very important reason for cleaning the carpet is to remove dirt or bugs that may cause allergies or even pass on disease, and these are often impossible (or very difficult) to spot with the naked eye.

Steve and Kay Fraser CoastStephen Ross, Elite franchisee on the Fraser Coast in Queensland, explains,

“If you think your carpet may not have been cleaned properly, here’s a way to do a preliminary check: if you can run your hand through the carpet pile, a professionally cleaned carpet will feel fresh and light and free from debris, pilling, hair and other gritty stuff. If this is not your experience, you have not had your carpet cleaned properly. But bear in mind that this is just a preliminary check, and that Elite can check it out more thoroughly for you.”

A professional carpet clean will always involve four components, referred to in the acronym TAST:

  1. Temperature
  2. Agitation
  3. Solution
  4. Time

A professional carpet cleaning machine will apply an appropriate and constant temperature to the carpet, agitate the carpet fabric, apply a solution to loosen and then remove any spills or other ‘foreign bodies’. Finally the cleaning process needs time to achieve maximum results.

Residential tenants can be the savviest when it comes to carpet cleaning – they have to get their carpets cleaned when they vacate and it’s often the first thing they check at a new property. In fact Elite has a loyal following of tenants who not only call us to clean as they leave, but also re-book us for their new place, regardless of how it looks. They have learnt that ‘looking OK’ doesn’t mean the carpet is really clean.

If you think that your last carpet clean may have been more ‘window dressing’ than actual cleaning, give us a call and we can confirm (or deny) your suspicion.

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