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Should you have your carpets professionally cleaned at the end of your lease?

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Ah, the dreaded end of lease clean. Did we get the fan blades cleaned properly? The tops of the light switches? How did we ever get pancake batter on the range hood?!

Paying bond for a rental property is a sizable investment – usually equal to four weeks of rent –  and therefore it’s one worth protecting. The end of lease clean is not for the faint of heart, and this is the reason many people elect to hire professionals rather than trying to undertake the daunting task themselves. You may have managed to get your exclusive fortnightly spray-and-wait method of cleaning down to an art, but it’s unlikely to hold up to the rigours of the real estate agent’s white-gloved fingertip.

It’s certainly possible to manage a bond clean with no outside help, but make sure you understand exactly what the real estate agent is looking for. It’s all too easy to underestimate the scale of an end of lease clean, and worse, to simply run out of time. Perhaps more importantly, end of lease cleaners know exactly what real estate agents are looking for upon your vacation of a rental property, and they ensure your property is up to par.

Maybe you’re a glutton for punishment and have decided you can manage most of the clean yourself. But what to do about the carpets? There are a few things to consider.

What about the carpets?

If you’ve lived in the property for several years and the carpet hasn’t been professionally cleaned in that time, a professional clean is a worthwhile investment. You might be surprised to see what colour the carpet actually was when you moved in!

If the carpets sustained any stains at all during your tenancy – even ones you can barely see anymore – you should definitely have the carpets cleaned professionally. Any marks not recorded on the entry report you signed when you moved in could be the difference between having your bond returned in full, and only receiving a token amount back.

If you own pets, you almost certainly need to have your carpets professionally cleaned. More than pet hair and accident stains, odours that cling to carpets are a big issue for pet owners in carpeted houses. It’s especially hard for us to tell if the carpets in our own homes are harbouring untoward scents, because we spend so much time there we’ve all but gotten used to it. However, if you’ve had a furry little friend running around the place, it’s safe to assume the house no longer smells as fresh as it could.

In fact, some real estate agents stipulate that you must have the carpets professionally cleaned when you vacate your rental property, so be sure to familiarise yourself with the requirements set out in your lease as a minimum.

Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning not only use the carpet dry cleaning method but will vacuum and deodorise carpets as well. Our professional carpet cleaners take immense pride in their work and, generally speaking, if an Elite client does have their bond withheld it is not related to their carpets.

Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning are fully insured and will provide you with all the documentation you require to help you get your bond back at the end of your lease. It’s worth the small investment to ensure you receive your bond back in full, so call Elite on 131 580 today.

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