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Why Carpet Cleaning Is Essential

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Why Carpet Cleaning Is Essential

Looking after your carpets is definitely not an easy task. Trying to balance all your conflicting responsibilities often means your carpets get dirty and nothing is done about them. The majority of people believe a weekly vacuum is enough to look after your floor coverings, however, in reality, your carpets do need a lot more TLC than that.

Why Carpet Deep Cleaning Is Essential

Quite simply, a weekly vacuum just doesn’t cut it when it comes to keeping your carpets clean and looking after the health of your family. It’s so important to also do a deep carpet clean frequently to remove all that build-up dirt and grime that vacuum cleaners can’t reach and leave behind. Not only will your carpets be a lot more hygienic but your entire home will feel brighter and lighter with clean floors.

By carrying out a regular deep cleaning of your floor coverings, you’ll be protecting the fibres and pile of your investment in your carpets. Not only this, clean carpets can reduce allergies and prevent your loved ones from getting sick. An annual deep carpet cleaning is what most manufacturers suggest and this can extend its life substantially. 

If you’re one of those people who may not have had a deep carpet clean done in a long time, here are some really good reasons that can help you see the benefits of this service:

Removing Foul Smells

As time passes, we often get quite a few stains on the carpets throughout our home. From food and drinks to pet accidents, some of these stains can produce a foul odour that lingers and we cannot seem to get rid of. Although it may not be easy to identify which exact mark is causing that bad smell, the best way to deal with it is to book a service from a professional carpet cleaning company. The bad news is that some foul odours can be extremely difficult to remove completely and those carpet cleaning products available from supermarkets only cover the smell but don’t treat the underlying causes. Pet stains can be some of the worst with urine odours permeating your home. We do not recommend trying to soak up pet urine by yourself as this can only make the problem worse. When it comes to pet smells, it’s best left to professional carpet cleaning technicians. A good local carpet cleaner, such as Elite, will be able to discover which stains are gassing off because of the buildup of bacteria or mould in your carpet. When choosing Elite, our technicians will also kill all baddies with our proprietary Supa Sanitiser. This product is effective at eliminating the stains deep in your carpets and destroying bacteria and mould. With the help of an experienced carpet cleaner, your carpets will no longer be smelly and your home will be a lot fresher. 

Rough Feeling Carpet

If your carpets just don’t feel as soft as they used to under your feet, it’s probably time for a deep carpet clean. As carpets age, their fibres tend to fray and deteriorate. You can test the condition of your carpet by rubbing your hand across them. If they feel a bit uneven in some parts, this is a sure sign you need to clean them. Long-term foot traffic, having furniture on top of them and the usual wear and tear negatively impacts your carpets and can have the effect of flattening out and making your carpets look less than perfect. When you get a carpet deep clean done with the local carpet cleaners at Elite, your carpets will look and feel like new.


Filthy Looking Carpets

If your carpets look like they’re starting to fade and don’t look as vibrant as previously, this is a tell tale sign you need a deep carpet clean. There’s nothing like the bright colours of new carpet however as they age, this can begin to darken slightly due to wear and tear and staining. However, the good new is a professional carpet cleaner can get your floor coverings looking like new again. In fact, many of Elite’s customers cannot believe the difference after we’re finished cleaning their carpets. It really is amazing how much better your carpets will look after cleaning up all the excess dirt and nasties.


Your Loved Ones Are Getting Allergies

Sometimes even carpet that appears clean can contain a large number of things that cause allergies like dust mites and their castings as well as pet hair or mould spores. Additionally, a lot of sweat from our feet gets onto our carpets and this causes bacteria to grow and spread then this provides a food source form them. These bacteria can result in allergies and asthma attacks. On top of that, the fibres in carpets also attract pollutants floating in the air such as bacteria and pollen. These could also have negative health consequences. The professional deep carpet cleaning services provided by Elite and our Supa Sanitiser gets to the root cause of allergies in your carpets by killing the bacteria and germs. 


DIY Carpet Cleaning Not Working

It’s important you act fast when a stain occurs. Although some spills can be easily removed by blotching them up yourself, others will require the services of an expert carpet cleaning company. Especially on carpets that are aged, some stains may be very difficult to remove. Elite uses our own high quality proprietary carpet cleaning products to completely eliminate stains by getting rid of the built up oil and sugar that keeps the dirt stuck to the carpet pile.

Call Elite Today

Although a weekly vacuum can help with keeping your carpets somewhat clean, an annual deep clean is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Having your carpets cleaned by a professional technician can increase their lifespan, make them look and smell fresh and remove allergens. When your carpets start to smell or begin to look a little worse for wear, then please contact Elite Carpet Dry Cleaning. Elite is one of Australia’s leading carpet cleaning companies with technicians servicing numerous locations around the country. We have been providing affordable and reliable carpet cleaning services to homeowners and businesses for nearly 40 years. You can rely on our experienced carpet cleaning technicians to help your floor coverings look and feel new. We also offer a variety of other services including mattress cleaning, upholstery and rug cleaning as well as water, fire and mould restoration. To book your service, please call Elite on 131 580 now!

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